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Faux Marbling

Faux Marbling

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In the days of old, only the rich could live in homes endowed with glamour and beauty, this is not the case anymore. The cost of home décor has reduced to such a rate that even the financially struggling family can boast of a beautiful home. Thanks to the experts who have looked for ways and materials that help reduce the cost of living.


Marble, being an ornamental material has a really moderate demand. This, in turn, has caused it to be less affordable to the struggling populace and thus increasing the need to improvise. This is where faux marbling comes to play. Faux marbling is simply used to replicate the appearance of real, refined marble by applying paint to the surface involved. Since the weight and cost of marble seems to be unaffordable, faux marbling is used as a substitute in buildings where the use of marble is required.

The want for marble-like countertops is so much that almost anyone can create a duplicate using the act of faux marbling. The process is quite simple and straightforward, and you’ll need the following materials:

· Eggshell paint (usually white).

· Boiled oil to reduce the time for the paint to dry.

· Spirit for thinning the paint which also reduces contamination.

· Oil based paint as used by artists (usually black).

· Soft, quality paint brushes.

· Two goose feathers or any one of your choice.

· Cleaning rags.

1. Clean the surface and paint with eggshell paint. After a few hours, paint with the boiled oil and apply the black oil, which you mix with some eggshell paint to tone down the color.

2. Use the soft paint brush to alleviate the colour. Afterwards, touch the surface lightly with the clean rag and soften the surface again with the paint brush.

3. Use the artist brush to add a veining design in an irregular, diagonal direction.

4. Wet the artist brush in the white spirit and use it to remove some colour from the surface. Thereafter use the dry cloth or brush to soften the surface.

5. Create a finer finish by dipping the feather in the spirit and brushing the surface.

There you have it, a simple way to give your that faux marble look. Try it and see the masterpiece you can create out of it.


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