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Concrete Worktops

concrete worktops

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When it comes to the home, elegance should be a priority. Most times, converting a house into an extravagant home doesn't require any form of material wealth or resources, but just the simple arrangement and application of some overlooked items. Who would have thought that concrete worktops would look so good.

Without doubt, a kitchen is one of the most important parts in the house. As such, it is imperative for this area to be kept clean, neat and nothing less than exquisite. Concrete worktops are a truly unique, personal countertop options because they can be made from raw materials and customized to fit your taste. They are unique, natural and of high quality.

Concrete worktops have a few advantages over other types. This includes:

Not only is concrete good for flooring, but it is also extremely versatile as a countertop. You can develop any style of your choice, from Arts and Crafts to Industrial, from conventional to modern. You name it. Concrete worktops are not just reserved for the kitchen, but can be used almost anywhere. In residences, concrete worktops can be used in the bathrooms as shower surrounds, tables, desks and fireplace mantles. Commercially, these worktops are found in restaurant bar tops, bathrooms, reception desks and trade counters. They can be straight, rounded, irregular, multi-level, etc. All you have to do is imagine the shape you want. You can get varieties such as integrated and vessel sinks. It is worth noting that concrete worktops can also be used outdoors.

As you know, nothing is perfect. Although concrete worktops are handmade, you should expect little differences in colour, texture and shade. This is because concrete is an assorted mixture of various ingredients. Like other worktops, the concrete worktop is vulnerable to hairline cracks, which are usually due to hot cooking equipment or recurring movements of the cabinets or even the house.

Consumers often get confused with regards concrete worktops. It is common place to mix up the terminology of concrete with its sister material ballast. Ballast is a mixture of sand, cement with stones. The combination of these materials will make up a very tough and durable garden path, for example. Concrete worktops do not offer anything remotely close to this level of durability. The top face edges of concrete worktops are reknown for being brittle. This is the very area of where kitchen worktops receive the greatest level of everyday knocks from ongoing use, and where any worktop should should be hardwearing.

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