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When it comes to graceful spring jewelries, the first thing that you will have to mind is Chalcedony. It is an excellent gemstone, which has the delicate and silky light blue colour that will remind you of a beautiful mountain sky in the early morning.

If you are thinking of giving the woman of your life an item of quality Jewellery, Chalcedony is the one of the finest stones you can give her. You can even use the gemstone for wedding Jewellery. Chalcedony is a great gemstone that represents love and romance. Set in silver or even white gold, you can have the perfect Jewellery.

What is Chalcedony?

Chalcedony comes from the name of an ancient Greek town, Chalkedon. The city is now in Turkey. The gemstone is a variety of quartz that is fine grained. Chalcedony contains waxy luster and crystals that are compressed microscopically. The structure makes the chalcedony a semi-opaque one. It creates a soft glow when the light is passed through the stone, which is an ideal thing when it comes to graceful jewelries.

Chalcedony was made into seals by the Romans and was carved to become ornamental for thousands of years. In the past, chalcedony is called St. Stephen’s stone and Mecca stone because of the blue chalcedony.

History of Chalcedony

For thousands of years in the past, this gemstone has carved into tools, knives, arrowheads and a lot more. This is also due to the abundance of the gemstone within a lot of countries.


The gemstone is formed from volcanic rock cavities. These cavities are where the water that is rich in silica flows through. The pinkish and the reddish colour of the stone were created by the traces of iron oxide present in the water.

This gemstone can be found in the Arizona Desert. The place has petrified trees that were formed from the gemstone to replace the ancient forest. The stone is considered sacred by the Native Americans, as they believe that the stone brought stability to them.

Colour of Chalcedony

You may find a red chalcedony and a blue chalcedony. Chalcedony is available in every colour. However, when you talk about jewellery, chalcedony is coloured light milky blue that has a hint of pink. With Chalcedony being porous, the gemstone has been dyed pale mint green and blue for over centuries. If you notice the stone today, you will find that the colour enhanced to tangerine, peachy pink and emerald green.

Properties of Chalcedony

The gemstone is full of yin energy and considered being a feminine stone. It balances the emotions, promotes charity and kindness and brings stamina. It is also known to lower anger, melancholy and depression, making it perfect for love. The negative energy is absorbed, and enthusiasm is promoted by the gemstone. It has anti-inflammatory properties that can lower the blood pressure and can heal the lungs, as well.

Sailors used to wear Chalcedony as talismans before. Those who are born under the Sagittarius sign have the gemstone as their birthstone.

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