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Calcium Oxide

Calcium Oxide

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The compound of Calcium Oxide is also popularly known as the quicklime or perhaps the burnt lime. 

When the chemical compound is at room temperature, it will normally be in the solid and natural white form. The calcium oxide of inorganic materials, which mainly include carbonates, oxides and hydroxides. Aside from these, it will also contain silicon, magnesium, aluminum as well as iron. 

To produce calcium oxide, one would need to burn limestone. This practice of burning limestone is referred to as thermal decomposition. The temperature of heating should extend to at least 825 degrees Celsius in order to bring out the carbon dioxide, thus, producing burnt lime. However, the calcium oxide will never stay that way for a long time. Once the compound is cooled, it can quickly mix in the air and return it back to the calcium carbonate state. 

The Important Uses Of Calcium Oxide

The chemical compound of calcium oxide has many uses. What is greater than this is – it is indeed cheap in either forms. 

Here, are some of the more commonly known uses of Calcium Oxide in general: 

- Great source of heat.

- Paved the way for the invention, of electrical lighting, used in theatres, and stage shows.

- Used for making whitewashing

- Used for weapon making

The Chemical Compound Is Not Healthy To The Body

Although we have seen the numerous benefits of the chemical compound, calcium oxide, one must always be extremely careful when handling it. The compound can cause adverse reactions such as – irritation, coughing, sneezing and difficulty in breathing. It can even cause more severe reactions such as abdominal pains, uncontrolled vomiting and more. More than this, the actual compound is also flammable and can easily catch fire if not handled with care.

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