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Calcite is one of those minerals that contain carbonate iron along with the gaspeite, magnesite, otavite, rhodochrosite, siderite, smithsonite and the sphaerocobaltite. The calcite proves to be one of the solid forms that can sprout and form into multiple crystal structures. The characteristics of the calcite in the crystal form considered being trigonal rhombohedral, one of the seven crystal systems we currently have. The calcite shows in the white form or sometimes no colour at all. However, calcite can also be seen in containing hues of the following colours: 

 -      Grey.

-      Red.

-      Orange.

-      Yellow.

-      Green.

-      Blue.

-      Violet.

-      Brown.

-      Black.

In the event that calcite is seen in the following hues, one can say that the actual calcite contains impurities that cause the change of its normal colour. Other than that, the calcite could also be visible in the transparent form and even in the opaque form. 

Other names of calcite:

-      Dogtooth Spar.

-      Nailhead Spar.

The calcite can also easily dissolve in various elements like acid and groundwater. Where can we normally find calcite formation? The calcite is a normal component of any sedimentary rocks like limestone. We normally see limestone in marine organisms’ body including the plankton, red algae, sponges, bryozoa, bivalves, and more. 

We may also witness calcite in some marble formations, such as the metamorphic varieties that are contained within hot springs, and historical caverns containing stalactites and stalagmites. Aside from this, one may also find the calcite in volcano grounds and other rock formations around locations such as;

-      Carbonatites.

-      Kimberlites.

-      Peridotites.

The calcites are also extremely attractive in the form; the looks of it vary depending on how it occurred naturally.

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