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Black Granite

Black granite

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Black granite has progressively turned into a prerequisite for antiquities, contemporary design along with engineering requirements. Black Granite can be commonly used as a feature stone intended for private and public buildings and flooring.

One maybe astounded to learn that Aberdeen in Scotland is sometimes referred to as the world's Granite City. In the United States of America, the actual mineral stone identified has unusual significance, as the Granite Railway, which was the nation's first railway.

Conveyor engineers have always made use of this amazing stone, for building and construction uses, as it is resistant to the outside elements without diminishing in quality and durability.

The ever-increasing reputation of black granite worktops is no doubt renowned across the world. The strength of Black granite is stronger than limestone, which is another type of stone, that is durable and strong. Black granite is an excellent and ideal for a kitchen worktops, which will certainly give a perfect modern look because of its polished black appearance.

Black granite comes in two different varieties.

1. Black granite stone that has flakes.

2. Black granite stone that has no flakes.

Black granite is not just recognized as an excellent building material for residential or commercial purposes. In fact, the old and classic marble is now slowly coming out of the limelight, while Black granite is slowly taking its place. 

Absolute Black granite: Black granite generally originates from India. The stone gives a solid and rich black colour. Black granite, thought to be one of the most elegant granites to have in the home which is perfect for floors, tops and even walls. It can serve as an accenting feature anywhere within a room, but it can also be the perfect main stone too.

Star Galaxy granite: Star galaxy granite or formerly known as the black galaxy granite, which is no doubt one of the world’s favourite granites. This is how black galaxy granite got its magnificent name star galaxy, Due to the pattern it contains. It is complete with a truly polished dark black base with golden sparkles across the entire surface, depicting the dark sky with millions of stars glistening. 

Star Gate granite: Another of the most popular black granite options is star gate. The physical appearance is highly similar to Star galaxy except the sparkles within star gate are silver in colour.

There is a misconception that black granite generally is flat and entirely black or has small amounts of additional colours as per star galaxy and star gate above; this is inaccurate. Some of the other black granite options contain options contain gold, white, red, brown amongst others. The black marinace granite has the appearance of large black and grey stones sawn in half and polished offering a truly dramatic impact.  Please click on this link to see the full range of black granite options that are available within the UK.

Uses of black granite:

1. Flooring.

2. Counter tops.

3. Working tops or worktops.

4. Residential property improvement.

5. Commercial applications.

Although the black galaxy granite is widely used, people normally use it for kitchen worktops, which create a, unique and uniform look. The stone material is ideal for the said surface because it can withstand water, heat, and other tendencies that may happen inside the kitchen. In fact, it is the number one granite worktops colour option within the UK. Not to mention, the black galaxy granite is also scratch resistant that is why someone can even chop, slice and do a lot more on top of it without worrying too much about damaging the surface. Most contemporary or shall I say modern kitchens has this marvellous stone material as part of the working table, again because of its superb durability.

When thinking of remodelling a room in your home, or perhaps the entire home, one may want to consider making use of black granite stone in order to enjoy a polished black granite worktop and counter tops that will surely last for a lifetime.

Why would one like to have the black galaxy granite or star galaxy compared to the other types of granite? See the reasons why by checking out the bullets below:

1. Easy to maintain and clean. No need for a lot of specialized cleaning products. The use of an appropriate disinfectant and a polish is more than enough to maintain its quality in tiptop condition.

2. The stone material black granite is in no doubt one of the world’s most durable stones, which is sturdy, strong and long lasting.

3. Resistant to Scratches.

4. Resistant to Moisture.

5. A stone material that will never allow bacteria build up since moisture cannot occur to bring in moulds, mildew and other bacteria that may affect your family’s health.

6. People love Black granite stone material because it can create a highly uniform look, which is best also when used on floors. 

The black galaxy granite is indeed the first choice to have when considering the material for your home renovation. If you make a decision for this marvellous stone, you should contact us or use the online quote tool and chose black granite worktops, examples of which are black galaxy or the star galaxy.

Of course, there can be a lot of black granite options across the market today. But, the options containing the golden, glittery or silver specs are the ones that are highest in demand.

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