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Apatite is not just a single chemical alone but composed of the following minerals such as the bromapatite, chlorapatite, flourapatite, and, hydroxylapatite. People have discovered so many uses for this group of chemicals, and that includes making certain fertilizers, since it is high in phosphorous, and it can also be used to create gemstones to make fancy jewellery. One gemstone that the apatite produces is a cat’s eye gemstone. This gemstone never fails to catch the attention of the people, especially when cut perfectly to produce a significant effect showing the pattern of a cat’s eye, wherein a straight white line is in the middle. 

Aside from jewellery making, it can also be a lovely accent piece in your home’s walls since the stone produced from Apatite, known for its smoothness, brilliance and durability. The stone is also heavier as compared to the other types of stone with the same aesthetical value.

The apatite, harvested in the following countries: The United States, Sri Lanka, Spain, South Africa, Norway, Mozambique, Madagascar, India, Germany, Czechoslovakia, Canada, Mexico, Brazil and of course Burma.

Furthermore, the apatite chemical is not only seen in the natural environment. The greater amounts of it can be seen in one's own body, primarily the bones and teeth. Nevertheless, one notable contribution of the chemical apatite to the environment is its unique ability to hold radio active compounds, as well as metal contaminants. 

This statement proves to be true during the year 2004 and 2005 respectively, when the grounds and soil of the city of Hanford faced a terrible problem of strontium 90 contamination. 

Field experts during that time have used the chemical apatite to aid the problem, and believe that up to this day, the chemical continues to absorb and attract the contaminant until it decays without harming the people.

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