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Natural Stone or Composite


Which do you prefer?

Natural stone is as timeless as the earth. A design of creation’s own architecture with colours and textures, of feelings and prosperity, its travel from its geological beginnings through 4 billion years to the currant day.

For this reason, it promotes feelings in individuals who handle or use it every day. Natural stone is not just another stone. Fashionable for its physical properties, it creates a sense of wonder, and allows for deeper levels of thoughtfulness. When you hold a piece of granite in your hand, remember you are looking at what scientists call the big bang the exact moment of creation of our world! Most astronomers believe the Universe began in a Big Bang about 14 billion years ago.

What single man made material can give you the same kind of reaction?

Even manufacturers of man made materials understand its appeal many synthetic materials today replicate the appearance of natural stone. At the end of the day, nothing can copy nature’s creativity, but because natural stone is so reasonably priced today compared with previous years, while providing a lot of qualities inherent in its nature, it actually does not make sense for most homeowners to choose anything else.


We live in a high-tech age. Technology provides a lot of benefits, improving our lives in countless ways. But advances in technology also stimulate interest in developing new materials for building. In addition, the ease of transporting goods to worldwide locations, and the opening up of the world economy flood world markets with synthetics. This kind of technology-driven mass manufacture of environmentally harmful materials cannot augur well for the world’s already delicate eco-system.

Nowadays, we, as our ancestors did, like to bring some of the wonder and mystery of natural stone into our homes. We do it to add our bit to the environment. We be indebted it to ourselves and to our upcoming generations to try to maintain whatever ecological balance we can. Not to use man made materials that cause greenhouse gasses to the environment and deplete the ozone layer. Not to use synthetics that overload our already full landfills with harmful waste. Waste that can made the soil toxic and the nutrients within. We prefer to create eco-friendly homes that blend with the environment, and induce a sense of happiness.

Psychological tests prove that colours enhance the frame of mind of people

This sense of wellness reflects in the colours of natural stone. Psychological tests prove that colours enhance the mood of people. And what better way to do it than to bring them naturally to your home using natural stone? Because natural stone comes in a diversity of colours, it contributes to the ambience of your home with its natural hues. The blues and greens of natural stone are calming, reminiscent of blue skies, of seascapes and Blue Mountains in the distance. Its fiery reds create energy and vitality, as heartening as fire. And greens and earthy tones in all shades of the landscape bring a sense of coolness and a feeling of link to the elements in your home.

Natural stone is expenditure that’s efficient in a way few other man made materials are, due to its economical pricing and effectiveness in architecture. Its inherent properties allow its use in several applications, like granite cladding and many more. Planed limestone allows thriftiness as it is easily shaped into cornicing and moulding due to its physical properties.

Unrivalled attractiveness

Many of people will tell you that not much compares to the attractiveness of natural stone. They are right. Its feel, its tone, the richness of its texture and its shine add to its unrivalled attractiveness. Whether its granite, with its lavish, smooth, polished sheen, or the shimmering gossamer of marble; whether it is the understated stylishness of beige or lemon of limestone, evocative browns of sandstone or the rustic grey hues of slate, natural stone adds a grace of distinction to your home. It creates more than a home. It creates a place that you can remember pleasantly, a place where you enjoy peace and quiet amid serene environment.

Most people will agree that no artificial stone can equal that of the real thing

With the elegant movements of its components captured in timelessness, natural stone offers grace, resilience, unique qualities and astounding attractiveness. It is reasonable cost efficient, and better for the environment, creating a mix together of agreement, a feeling of harmony, merging as it does with your environment. Most of all it gives you sense of enjoyment; a reward that awaits as you end your busy day. So you can unwind in this atmosphere of enormous attractiveness, relax, and forget the cares of the world.

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