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Bringing Luxury into Your Home


Artists, artisans, and architects have been making monuments, sculptures, and artefacts from natural stone for over 5000 years. Of late, technological advances have not only brought the attractiveness and elegance of natural stone right to the doorsteps of contemporary consumers but literally brought stone into virtually every room in the home or business premises.

The worth of natural stone

The worth of natural stone lies in its noticeable qualities. Its toughness and strength, the primeval feel, timeless and visual appeal all make natural stone a reasonable option for your home project. Furthermore, it is environmentally friendly, reasonable to maintain, and flexible to any style of decor. Used in interior and exterior projects, a mixture of natural stones can generate an exclusive statement and bring an atmosphere of uniqueness to your home. Limestone and slate together, for example, make a strange but fashionable garden path or exterior concealment.

Gorgeous flooring and stylish stairways

Nearly all-natural stones generate gorgeous flooring and stylish stairways, adding a characteristic style and providing a background to the decoration of your home. Depending on your preference and taste, granite or marble is perfect for most areas of the home, particularly in kitchens and bathrooms. Non-slip varieties of marble or granite are obtainable for such applications. Natural stone, like slate, can also be used in zones like the shower area or around the bath. Along with limestone, slate is also is also appropriate for a kitchen floor.

Natural flooring tiles come in mixture of sizes, thicknesses and merits. You can select between a lot of colours and finishing’s, incorporate borders, and create designs. The potential is infinite!

Marble and granite on the wall

Marble and granite wall used on the wall create a unique and simple to maintain interiors, When working with natural stone exteriors, be aware of the weight of the stone. Use non-polished types to guard the stone from outside elements. Altering hues of slate on the exterior walls can look eye-catching and offer a countryside feel, at the same time as limestone gives off a more modern look. Granite or marble exteriors give off a calm, yet stylish grace.

Slate roofing

Slate roofing is tough, and can last for centuries – several 1000 year-old buildings in India maintain their original slate roofs and floors to this day, and in amazingly fine condition.

Hearths and fireplaces

Granite and marble, once again, add a individual touch to hearths and fireplaces with their affluent texture and natural prettiness shining through as they have done for millennia. Granite can truly make your at home bar look exclusive and a gorgeous marble vanity top in the bathroom will truly bring out the stylishness of your tastes. Grouping these stones with comforting furniture like stools, coffee tables, and attractive shelving.

Due to its visual appeal, hardness, toughness and  low maintenance, granite is ideal for kitchen worktops. In the bathroom, granite and marble vanity tops, Jacuzzis, washbasins, baths, and shower trays add a splash of luxury.

Natural stone in garden

In the garden, you could use just about any natural stone. Granite paths are well liked, particularly when complimented with granite sculptures. If you like marble, you could try putting in your garden fountains, flowerboxes, benches and sculptures for a smart effect. Limestone paths in softer earthy colours can insert a touch of design, as does slate flagging. Make out your garden with slate walls or decorate your patio in slate to add uniqueness. Consider your friends and family with an outdoor natural stone kitchen using granite for countertops and floors.

Travertine and slate look nice-looking outside; slate looks good around your pool or in your driveway. But nothing looks quite as striking and notable as a door number or house name in polished granite, maybe in star Galaxy.

Natural stone is affordable

Newer innovations have given an increase to more diverse applications daily. In today’s market, natural stone is less costly, making it well liked with homeowners and more and more popular in commercial applications. Granite floors are used at almost every new airport and in the concealment and flooring of new buildings and commercial centres. Most known hotels use granite, marble, and other natural stones. After understanding the toughness of natural stone, and without having to forgo cost or optical appeal, authorities are beginning to use marble in public parks and city centres like pavements, made of natural stone can be found throughout the country.

Natural stone is here to stay

There are huge deposits of granite, marble, and other natural stone across the planet. Mining it does not reduce the environment or create harmful waste products. It offers many benefits without major problems. Pair that with its up to date applications and it is simple to see why people go for natural stone over man made options, which in comparison to the adaptability and changeless appeal of natural stone.

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