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Best Kitchen Worktop?


The Best Kitchen Worktop?

In every home, the kitchen is the one room that sees the most action – from preparing and cooking food, to dining, entertaining, and even working. It is obvious that your kitchen worktops should be able to endure all that activity without having to compromise its aesthetic appeal. Since buying new worktops can be a rather big investment, you should know your options and their advantages and disadvantages before making any decisions.

The most common factors in choosing a type of worktop are aesthetic appeal and cost. Nonetheless, there are many factors that should be taken into account ­– things like toughness, edging, simple maintenance, and resistance to heat, water, chemicals, scratches, and stains. When at each option obtainable on the market today, we will see what materials stand out as the ideal worktop for your kitchen.

Formica Worktops

Formica is a laminate artificial material made up of a thin layer of plastic attached to a board of chiped wood. It comes in nice-looking colours and designs, simulating materials like granite, and is reasonably inexpensive. Being made of wood, or compressed chipboard, it is fairly hardwearing and has edging options. It’s simple to clean, and has a smooth or textured surface, and is stain resistant.

It meets a lot of the above mentioned criteria, but is that good adequate? Few people find Formica aesthetically pleasant. Hot objects placed can melt the surface of some of the cheaper brands; it is awfully vulnerable to water damage if the surface is compromised. Some cleaning materials used in the kitchen can spoil Formica, scratching it and leaving it dull. Knives will certainly leave marks if cutting on the surface. Be advised, Formica cannot be repaired. As well, it may fade and warp over time and with long use.

Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles come in an assortment of designs and colours. Tiles are reasonably common in the older household. They are tough, stain, water and heat resistant and almost scratchproof. Though they are somewhat more costly than laminates, they are nicely priced, and can even be repaired with easily.

Nonetheless, tiling needs common cleaning as the grout simply gathers grime, a condition not popular in a kitchen. Cleaning grouting is not only slow, but can be irritating. In addition, ceramic tiles are easily to chipped and can crack if items are dropped on them, not good if you have children.

Ceramic tile work surfaces do well on most counts, but its main drawback is that maintenance makes it an unworkable answer for kitchen use.


Corian is made using acrylic and/or polyester plastic. It comes in a lot of colours and designs, as well as granite looking styles, and is obtainable in a matte or gloss finish. It is water resistant, and does not generally stain and is trouble-free to clean. It is untouched by chemical use in cleaning agents and is repairable.

Yet, Corian is has some heat resistant properties. Putting hot pans on it might course the surface to spoil. It is costly, and scratches, although the scratches can be repaired. Furthermore, being man made, Corian is not green. Corian is basically synthetic, and its finish cannot match the timbre and antiquity of natural stone.

Corian meets some of the criteria of a high-quality counter top, but its lack of resistance to heat and scratching, and its synthetic finish is not every ones cup of tea.


Wood worktops, made by means of strips of wood joined together, they are hardwearing with care, good-looking and practical, particularly if you chop a lot. They are straightforward to clean as well and you can remove scratches with sandpaper.

on the other hand, wood counters do not offer much scope in colour or design and need looking after. Compared to other worktops they are ok but not heat or water resistant and can scratch easily. Furthermore, their edges may warp over time and need to be treated. Wood is not very environmentally friendly.

Additionally, wooden worktops can be are costly. The question for the homeowner is, is the extra care and work warrant the extra cost.


A natural stone of immense attractiveness, granite is available in many colours and finishing styles, from polished to matt and texture. It is strong, hardwearing, and straightforward to clean and does not collect grime. It should not scratch and is defiant to heat, water, and chemicals. Granite is one of the hardest materials in around, it does not typically chip or crack, but is repairable by a stonemason in the event of an accident.

Granite is costly but has benefits in a busy kitchen. As well, as its visual appeal it is somewhat a head of the alternatives.


Marble is also aesthetically pleasant and hygienic, but can stain and scratch. It is not as durable as granite and consequently not as strong and does not respond well with chemical cleaning agents.

Bearing in mind the facts at hand, granite provides one of the best options for a kitchen worktop. The cost of granite is a down side to a small budget, But in terms of cleanliness, low maintenance expenditure, strength and looks.


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