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10 Excellent Reasons for Choosing Stone


We have all heard it before: the question of stone or no stone. Why must I construct with natural stone, ask planners and architects. Looking for some high-quality arguments for stone? Have a look at the ten here.

1.  Natural stone is a natural creation with one off properties determined by the type and bonding of the minerals comprising the natural stone. Natural stone holds an exceptional position among all construction materials. Parts of natural stone are exclusive specimens, which can be shared with each other and with many other materials.

2.  Natural stone is environmental. Natural stone as a construction material is found naturally in a practically finished form. No power is needed for its actual assemble. Energy is only used for quarrying and processing, but the share is little in comparison with other construction materials. The stone is extracted mainly from moderately little quarries without major blasting operations. The idle stone waste can be used straight for filling in the parts of the quarry where stone has been removed. Not much is lost in the total cycle of natural stone quarrying, processing, and returning to nature.

3.  Natural stone is environmentally well matched. As a natural construction material, natural stone contains no pollutants that are harmful to the health. Natural stone can be used in safety for food areas. It also releases no substances that are dangerous to health in case of fire. Natural stone requires no supplementary chemical substances such as shielding coatings, impregnating agents or coatings before it can be used as a construction material.

4.  Natural stone is diverse. No other construction material has as a lot of different colours and structures as natural stone. a variety of surface finishing options make this diversity virtually limitless. Developers and architects therefore have a broad range of choice, which allows them too much to any desired look or atmosphere. Natural stones are often selected for their excellent visual and technical merits. Natural stone is obtainable in a variety of different colours, structures and finishes. A suitable natural stone is obtainable for almost any requirement needed of a building material.

5.  Natural stone is unique. Natural stones are quarried in huge blocks and cut to the wanted size by natural stone companies. The sizes of natural stone slabs are limited by the size of the coarse blocks and not by standard dimension specified by supplier. The sizes can be bespoke individually to meet planning requirements at a cost. Any desired shape can be provided, not only square or rectangular slabs. Up to date processing machines allow inlay work in natural stone. The assortment of the stones and the individual processing and design potential comprise the exclusivity of the building material.

6.  Natural stone ages well. Where as a lot of construction materials turn out to be unsightly in the course of time, natural stone retains a natural gleam, which is not unfavourable to the attractiveness of the natural stone. Many natural stones are like high-quality wine. They only reach their full grace as time goes by. Natural stone can also be cleaned without difficulty and inexpensively. Even centuries-old floor coverings of natural stone can be polished and restored to their original condition. The lifetime of natural stone is enormously long. With the right designing and construction, a structure of natural stone has been known to endure for thousands of years.

7.  Natural stone is three-dimensional. Any needed shape of stone can be fashioned as well as slab sizes. Milling grooves in the stone surfaces can create attractive light and shade effects. Such processed slabs give out strength when mounted on concealment. Solid components, like mouldings, frames and pillars, permit an aesthetic structure.

8.  Natural stone is appealingly priced. If the total costs of a construction material are considered over a functional life of 30 years or further, independent investigations show that natural stone is no more costly than equivalent man made building materials. The somewhat high investment costs are balanced by its long life. The cost of cleaning and maintenance of natural stone is mid to low.

9.  Natural stone is actually sensible. Natural stone has good thermal conductivity and big heat storage ability. Natural stone as concealment material absorbs the heat by the sun and stops not needed heating up of the structure. Tests show an energy need of 100-150 kWh/m2 (1076- 1616 kWh/ft2) for multi-story structures with stone facades, in difference to an energy need of 300-700 kWh/m2 (3229- 7534 kWh/ft2) for the required heating and cooling of glass facades.

10.  Natural stone is hard-wearing. The high-pressure resistance standards of many natural stones have given the material a name of being a long lasting construction material. Only stainless steels, which are expensive in production, achieve the strength of natural stones. Natural stone is also the most hardwearing material with the lowest abrasion standards for floor coverings. Coverings of granite or similar hard stones show barely any signs of wear even after a long time in use.

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