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Things you should know about your choice of stone

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Welcome to our online resource centre, where you will find a wealth of information on stone and worktop related subjects. We hope you find it helpful in your projects and visit us here often to increase your knowledge. We believe by educating our customers they can choose the best options.

Also check out our numerous Frequently Asked Question pages where you can get answers to some of the more common issues.


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Our most popular research questions

Best Kitchen Worktop?

In every home, the kitchen is the room that sees the greatest level of activity within the entire home – from food preparation and cooking, to eating, entertaining friends and family, and even working. Your choice of kitchen worktops should be able to cope all that activity without having to compromise it’s visual beauty. Since the purchase of new worktops can be a rather large investment, you should know your options and their pros and cons before making your final choice.


Choosing the Right Colour

Natural stone comes in an endless array of colours and finishes and choosing the right one may seem a daunting task. Homeowners often want to coordinate their worktops with flooring choice to items already in place and to a paint pallette.


Worktop Edge Profiles

With the recent advances in CNC technology, granite and marble worktops have virtually limitless options for edge profiles. When you have made a decision to purchase your worktop, you will be offered a variety of edge profiles.


When does stone need sealing?

No two granites are exactly the same; one may be very absorbent while another may be impervious. The old wives tale that all granite and stone must be sealed is a falacy. According to its individual properties, some stone may need a sealant whilst others don’t.


Granite: A Visual Statement to Your Kitchen

Granite can make a bold design statement in your kitchen. Whether ruggedly antiqued or polished to a glass finish, it will compliment any design and taste.


Geology and Natural Stone Detection

Anyone with an interest in stone, should be familiar with basic geology. As a doctor studies the anatomy of the body to prescribe treatments and remedies, one should also be familiar with the formations and alteration within stone. The study of these variations is commonly referred to as geology.


Fantastic Islands

The combination of form and function often moulds in islands. These multifunctional and practical places can be an oasis in today’s kitchens, providing more usable preparation, entertaining and storage space for the homeowner. 


The Stone Bathroom

At the end of a hard day, there is a place to which you can escape to, to nurture your body, mind and soul; this special place is your bathroom. Recently evolving into a spa-like retreat for the discerning homeowner this bath is the essence of sophistication when created using natural stone.


The Benefits of Using Granite

Granite is a fabulous natural material that may demand your attention when replacing worktops. One of the foremost reasons people choose granite is because of its natural beauty. The stability of colour will never change so your feature worktop will always be as vivacious as the day they were installed.


Granite and Marble Masonry Process

The chain of events which brings natures stone from a quarry to your home has not changed much since stone was used in homes of the ancient Greeks. Giant blocks of stone are cut from a quarry. From those blocks, slender slices of stone are cut, these are called into slabs. These slabs are then fabricated and polished ready for your installation.


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