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Protecting Granite Kitchen Tops

 Protecting Granite Kitchen Tops

Protecting Granite Kitchen Tops

Protecting Granite kitchen tops are quite easy as they are durable simply because they do not nick or scratch easily. If properly cared for, they can last for a long time. Having said that, it is important to seal the stone worktops for durability.

Layering a stone sealer over the base of the countertop allows it to resist potential cracking or perhaps wear and tear resulting from typical utilisation. Sealants can resist heavy, and in all likelihood unintended, strikes without presenting as much as a millimetre of scratching or nicks. A sealant overlay is thin by design and style.  It is a normal part of granite countertop installation.  It can also protect against extreme heat and cold without.

As the name suggests, a one step sealer soaks into the granite stone when used.  Applying the sealant to the countertop is easy. First, clear the countertop. Apply a cleaner to the surface for around 30 seconds, then rub the countertop dry using a soft cloth. Then apply the first coat sealer to the countertop, and wait for two to four minutes until it is absorbed by the stone. After it dries, apply another coating and smooth over with a clean cloth.  After waiting two to three hours, apply a third coat using the same technique previously mentioned. Oil resistant sealers are usually recommended as they protect against oil seeping into the granite.

During installation, the piece of granite is precisely trimmed with a diamond tip to fit your templates. The joining seams will be sealed plus the edge will likely be treated to create a smooth, beautiful perimeter. The actual installer can also add any required trim inlays, for example metallic materials or different types of colour. The actual installer will apply a one step sealer and polish the surface to a smooth reflective finish.

The unique gleam can be created with chrome and can certainly accent any granite countertop while providing a durable, easy to maintain surface. Opera, a form of brass plating using chromium, is one of the most widely used finishes in bathroom as well as kitchen fixtures. Stainless steel is often showcased in current designs because it is very easy to clean. When paired with black granite colours, this gleaming metal can create an ultra-modern minimalist look in a bathroom or kitchen. Brushed or lustrous chrome can easily complement white, cream or gold granite, creating an elegant traditional bathroom layout.

Countertops are available in various shapes and sizes. They are also available in multiple colours, patterns, and configurations. pearl blue granite, Granite kitchen tops undoubtedly add beauty and design to any kitchen, but the owner has to be willing to spend extra for the upgrade.

Setting up a granite worktop just costs a little time and money, but you get a beautiful accessory for your kitchen area that will continue for generations, raise your property values, and give you the sturdy and unique surface to work on. It's one of the few things in life in which the reward is a lot greater than the time and effort expended!

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