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Polished Granite Slabs Prices

Granite is a very beautiful stone that has made its resurgence in the building of new homes today and the remodeling of older homes. The ancient Egyptians saw the beauty of granite and used it in their homes as floor tiles. They also used it to build the final resting places of their important leaders and people of means (the pyramids). These pyramids were sometimes built with red granite which, when mixed with other colored stones would appear pink. 

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Polished granite slabs prices vary almost as much as the colors the granite is available in. One slab of granite can run in price from $60 to $120 per square foot. However, the price does not stop there. Not included in that price are the delivery of the granite to the job site and the cost of its installation. Granite is a very heavy stone and requires more than one person to help put it in place, which is one part of that installation process. There are also hidden waste costs which depend on how many cuts have to be made in a slab of granite. Depending on the length of the countertop and the cuts that have to be made it can amount to about three square feet of waste. You should discuss this with the contractor before the countertop is installed.

Polished Granite Slabs Prices

Polished Granite Slabs Prices

In order to save on the polished granite slabs prices you may want to look toward granite tiles. These tiles come in a variety of colors and can be installed in whatever pattern you choose. Granite tiles can even be used on the floor also in whatever pattern you choose. Check the prices of granite before you buy. The granite worktop prices will depend entirely on the granite slabs that you select and the fabricator, whom you appoint to install it.

Today the granite kitchen and bathroom countertops are back in style and they come in a variety of colors. The colors of the granite are natural. Granite is not mined as are other stones, in quarries, it grows upward like a mountain and is cut down in slabs. These slabs are then cut and processed into countertops, memorials, sculptures and other granite items for home or commercial use.

Granite Slabs at reasonable prices

Various factors determine granite worktop prices. Granite is mined from solid stone and is available for commercial use as scant slabs in an average thickness of 30 mm. The standard finishes are either polished gloss or honed matt finish, with colour and grain variations. From the perspective of looks, maintenance, sealing, durability, flexibility of design, longevity, and price, kitchen granite can find few worktops to match its features. All these factors add up when figuring out granite worktop prices.

These solid stone worktops, endowed as they are, with beauty, hardness and utility value are said to account for gold standard in the modern kitchen worktops. These granites come in extraordinarily breathtaking colours and grains, from around the world, owing to the fact that two quarries are never known to have the same strain of stone. They make for excellent kitchen counter top.

It is a regrettable to note that the stone industry has not yet brought materials, pricing and quality under any sort of control, thus enabling each actor, from the quarry, the importer, the fabricator and the dealer to establish an outlandish price of their choice, the customer being the Guinea pig at all times. Some dealers are known to mark-up their products by up to 50%.

Granite worktop prices near me are known to range on an average per square metre, and the dealer, at his discretion could decide whether to include the cost of installation in these prices. Those seeking cheap granites may find discount granite at a price of £40 per square metre excluding installation. The stone itself is relevant only marginally in the kitchen worktop prices. Finishing (half /full round), transportation and installation are the additional factors that render it an expensive product. While making an estimate, worktop prices, including installation should be considered.

Granite is generally categorized into four groupings. The premium products that fetch the best prices take the first place. The gradation of pricing structures, is based on factors like, country of origin, thickness of the slabs, colour, veins, patterns and the estimated softness of the materials that are available within the granite and most importantly the trend of the season. In some of the granite, you can observe a pattern within a colour, which may give it how to install granite in kitchen and premium product status and leverage its price upwards. It would be prudent also to check on granites from the lower tier; they may have similar colours as the upper tier and may be harder but much cheaper.

How To Get Cheap Granite Countertops

It is generally perceived that this imitation material will be cheaper than the full thickness of actual granite, but nothing is further from the truth. Historically, when granite did not have the demand it has in the current climate, and there was less availability, the polished granite slabs near me were considerably higher. Partially owing to less availability also to dodgy factory owners. Now with the level of popularity has, this is a thing of the past. We cannot honestly remember the last time an overlay competitor was cheaper than our price for the real material.

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