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Online Quote

If you know what you want it's easy to get the best quote around!

Contact Email :

Call Us : 0845 862 1054

Simply provide to us a plan in either jpg or pdf formats. We cannot open MS Powerpoint files.

Additionally Information Required

  1. The county in which you are located.

  2. Contact Number in case we need to discuss your plan with you to offer an accurate quotation.

  3. Is the sink under or over mounted?

  4. If under mounted, do you require a tap hole and drainer grooves?

  5. Do you require a splashback behind the hob area? If so, please advise size.

  6. Do you require upstands?

  7. What is your choice of material that you would like a quotation for.

Once we are in receipt of the above information we will be in a position to provide to you a quotation.

In the unlikely event you receive a cheaper quotation from another company please forward to us a copy of the quote and we will do our best to beat it.

Services are available in NON Mainland UK Islands

  • Isle Of Man

  • Isle Of Wight

  • Ross Islands

  • Bute etc.

This will be on a supply only basis delivered to a destination of your choice located within mainland UK. Please forward a copy of your kitchen plan and we will come back to you to discuss your requirements.

Ireland Quotation Enquiry - - - - - - NO Services in Ireland at this time.

Scotland Quotation Enquiry - - - - - -

Forward a copy of your kitchen plan, with some indications of colour preferences from these quartz options or these granite options, and we will come back to you to discuss your requirements.


All material options are NOT available in Scotland as some of the quartz manufacturers charge up to £500 just to deliver the materials to us making these materials too expensive to use.

Service Related Issue is UK Based Company.

Fabrication facilities , Sales & Administration Offices based within the UK.

Rest assured, in the unlikely event, that you have an after-care issue that needs to be resolved,

We will be on hand to offer any possible service that is required.


Non UK Companies

If you are considering purchasing products from a company not based in the UK, please ask yourself one very important question. If a problem arises, after your worktops have been installed and paid for, what legal recourse will you have if the company is not based here?
If in doubt, look at the suppliers contact us page and see if a UK address is listed. If none is present, you may want to ask yourself why? Regardless of which company you choose to place you order with, if they are not based in UK you are simply exposing yourself, and your hard earned money, to a great deal of risk. Note, UK telephone numbers can be diverted to non UK destinations, hence the suggestion to check the address.
It still amazes, and frustrates us greatly, the amount of calls we receive, from home-owners, kitchen companies and builders, who have used the services of a non UK based company, who require our services to remedy other suppliers shoddy workmanship and/or poor practice. This is a very expensive way to purchase worktops!
Recent calls outs included undermounted sinks that are no longer connected to the underside of a worktop, joints between pieces that have dropped leaving a 5 - 10mm height difference between them, granite & quartz that has been dyed (especially the black colours), chemicals applied to worktops to look like they are polished that has now faded. Honestly, this list is endless.
We will always do our best to help anyone who has received a poor level for service from another company, but, by undertaking your own due diligence before purchasing, you could potentially save yourself lot of hassle and have the UK courts on your side.


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