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By ordering direct from the manufacturer you can save £1,000's against high street prices.

1st January to 31st December - our prices are the best value all year round!

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We live by our reputation so our service is always second to none - every customer is unique so every job we do is unique too.

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Owing to the nature of most stone types, projects using stone materials, tend to be of a more unique nature.

On this basis, we do not offer an online quotation facility for this material. 

Please contact us with details of your project, preferably with a copy of your plan, and we will happily get a quotation together for you. We look forward to hearing from you.

Cheap Stone Worktops

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Cheap Stone

Have a chat with any home maker, and she will confirm to you, for the finishes she desires most, is the surfaces for her replacement kitchen. For those ardent wives who spend a good proportion of their day in their kitchens, what more deserving gift can they dream of than the choice of fantastic, cheap stone worktops, for their quality kitchen counters, utterly transforming the appearance and atmosphere of the kitchen to another dimension. Although, several factors contribute to the selection of a worktop, one factor that seems to stand out is the nationwide demand for cheap countertops, in line with the present general economic mood of the nation.

Different stone options are used in the fabrication of counters. The great news for home-owners are that every sone mason is changing to the recent changes in the economic climate to offer the discount valued stone worktops that have ever been within your reach. Without doubt, as far as this country is concerned, stone worktops are the most in demand and appear to hold sway in the market.

There are various stone materials from which counters are fabricated, and you have a vast choice to select from Granite, from Tropical Black to Bethel White, Quartz, Starlight Citrine and Passion, Marble ranging from Verde Aqua to Rosso Turkish, Limestone in shades of Gascoigne Beige and Mocca Creme, Sandstone with Crema Europa and Azul Batieg, Slate, offering Verde Ardesia or Blue, Basalt, from Baslatina to Pietra Lavica or Onyx in the most beautiful colours of Brown and White, the list is endless. These huge options offer every brilliant tone of colour, and you will be greatly spoilt for choice, both from the selection of their hues, as well as their finishing. These options are reduced on upkeep and will wisely enrich your kitchen dreams.

The temptation is to seek out the source that has, on the surface the cheapest options. Although, within the current climate, we all seek the most discounted prices, looking at only the price to decide where you place your order is not necessarily the best idea. While searching for the perfect cheap stone worktops, it would be advisable to think about the quality of the raw stone too. Aesthetics and functionality also contribute a major role in the selection process. An inclination to high levels of maintenance should also be an influence within your choice. A few of the more unscrupulous fabricators are even resorting to using dyes, chemicals and pigments to hide the originating colour of the stone to appear like the most in demand colours, so they can make greater revenues.

To be able to offer cheaper pricing, some stonemasons operate from inside of their vans or the home owners property to fabricate the surfaces. This way they have no overheads to lay out but certainly put in danger everyone around them through the inhalation of dust which causes Silicosis. These mobile fabricators will also use hand tools to undertake difficult cutting using angle grinders and the like which results in a low quality finish. When you take these factors into consideration, a tradesmen with no fixed plant and machinery, dust extractors and so on you can see how it is possible to obtain cheap stone worktops. If you have a problem down the line with your surfaces, how many little fabricators of this variety will actually still be trading to be able to help you the aftercare and back up that is necessary. The services that we offer are amongst the best in the stone industry, and our prices compare and generally surpass any other company. If you want to find out how cheap stone worktops can be, use our online quotation tool, and you will be greatly taken back but remember when looking around, if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.

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