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Masonry / Fabrication Options

So you’ve made a decision on your new furniture. You know what finish you require for your worktops but still don’t know how your worktops can be fabricated and who by…. Well you can rest assured you have come to the right place. The Worktop Factory are experts in all aspects of stone masonry and employ a highly skilled and trained workforce specialising in all interior applications with stone.
This page layouts out some of the typical finishes for worktops. If you would like to get an instant online quotation from us this page will help you understand some of the questions that will be asked of you from our online quote page. The pages uses a combination of CAD images with some photos in the hope of clarifying some of the services that we can provide. Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions should the content of this page not deal with your specific project.
The Worktop Factory are experts in the use of natural stone in all applications, including bathrooms, kitchens and wet rooms. Our experienced craftsmen can take an original concept and shape it into a stone reality using the latest in computer aided design. The use of stone in a kitchen or bathroom enables you to turn the functional into something much more, and the choice of stone and finish gives the ability to tailor the style to suit your taste, and your budget.
The Worktop Factory are also well versed in the technical difficulties surrounding these areas of the home and are able to advise on material selection, and design detailing and fixing methods for all types of stone. Our stone production workshops are able to produce the highest standard of stonework. The fully equipped workshop uses the latest technology and equipment for masonry production which provides an environment that the masons need to produce the most challenging projects. The Worktop Factory is able to supply a full range of worked stone in a wide selection of limestone and sandstones. Skilled banker masons carry out all the stone production work at our production facilities. The Worktop Factory is also able to satisfy the requirements for technically demanding stone production.

Illustrative Examples

Worktop edge profiles

Square polished, double chamfer and pencil round are three edge profiles that we offer as standard.

Other options are available such as Ogee etc. Alternative edge profiles will incur additional costs.


Square Polished  Double Chamfer  Pencil Round


Worktop cut outs

Cut outs for hobs and inset (inserted from above) sinks are simply holes cut into the countertops with the side edges not being polished as they are not visible.

Undermounted sink cut outs are cut to the exact shape of your sink with the exposed sides of the worktop from the cut out polished as the sides are visible.

We can fabricate virtually any cut out shape and size that you require for taps, electrical sockets, waste disposal air switches, pipework etc. 


Hob cut out Sink cut out - inset Sink cut out - undermount
Cut out for electric socket Cut out for pipework  


Worktop drainer grooves

When considering your sink type you may wish to have an undermounted sink with drainer grooves cut into the worktop. This offers a more eye pleasing finish than the drainer sections of most inset sinks.

A set of drainer grooves consists of five grooves. The grooves are tapered towards the direction of the sink to enable the water residue to flow to the sink. If you choose to have two separate sinks of differing sizes it is normal practice to have the drainer grooves on the larger of the sinks. 


Drainer grooves


Upstands, Splashbacks and window sills

Upstands are fitted at the back of worktops. These make a very practicle and decorative worktop finish. Upstands are generally 100mm in height and are perfect to stop kitchen preparation spillages coming into contact with your walls.

Splashback panels are fitted behind the hob area are offer an area to catch all possible oil spits from your hob area and because they are in one solid single stone piece there are no grout lines to discolour. It is becoming popular to have the entire wall areas are the base units cladded in stone rather than the standard 100mm height of an upstand.

Most kitchen and bathroom sink areas have windows behind them. Your choice of stone as a replacement window sill is a perfect compliment to your room.


Upstand Splashback Window cill


Rounded corners

A small rounded corner can take the sharpeness off a workop edge which is a good idea as any worktop edge can hurt if you knock into it. A large rounded corner is for a curved base unit. If you simply require the sharpeness taken off the corner of a worktop the radius on this will be as a 10p piece; 10p round. A 10p round is included within the standard worktop price, small and large rounded corner will incur additional fabrication costs. 


Rounded corner small Rounded corner large


Worktop shapes

We are able to fabricate most shapes into your worktops. The use of shapes can make a stunning focal point for any room

When trying to determine the cost in our online quotation to calculate your price simply enter the longest part of each length and the greatest depath. For example in the case of a break front, where the worktop run is to be fabricated using one piece, simply enter the depth as that of the deepest point.


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