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Caesarstone Worktops

Caesarstone worktops are experiencing a fantastic growth. This is driven by the durability and finesse quartz gives. An ideal kitchen option, which is increasing in interest as it offers the look of stone without the everyday upkeep commonly, associated with natural products.
Quartz is the most durable stone counter top option you can purchase for a work surface. Granite is exceedingly robust, but as a natural product, it has variations of porosity and ruggedness that is inherent within natural products, as you would expect with hardwoods, for example. These are not issues that are consistent within quartz.
Caesarstone is a mixture made up of more than 90% natural quartz, which makes it extraordinarily tough and practical. It is a great choice for kitchen countertop, staircases, floors, wall cladding and bathrooms.
In addition, it offers abroad choice of different shades of quartz colour, offering a multitude of colour options from a kitchen top to a complete project for a range of decorative finishes. Caesarstone is a belief in the future, and because of its durability, Caesarstone is going to perform superbly for your project.
The most widely available mineral on the surface of the earth, quartz (aka Silicon Dioxide), offering a plentiful supply of natural resources to be put to use by implementing recent developments within science to produce quartz as a man made stone possibility.
The raw material is developed to be mixed with pigments and adhesives to produce Caesarstone worktops. The big bonus of this material, over any other, is the fact, as is human created the colour is laboratory produced so you are ensured of colour exactness regardless of how many individual pieces will be needed to complete your refurbishment works.
To get a better idea for how this flexible material would suit your specific works, an ideal initial starting point would be to take a look at our kitchens photographs below highlighting completed projects in a massive range of options. Some of the ranges are available with different textures such as antique finish. Just click on the box below for finish options to have a look at what is available. When using granite products, the various surface finishes are an extra service that we can perform for you, this is not an option with quartz. By changing the counter finish of quartz, this would certainly null and void the manufacturers guarantee. On this basis, the texture variations are those created by the original producer. Silestone & Compac is the only manufacturers that offer variations of surface finishing.
Once you have determined tone, brands and finishing variables the next step will be the stone masonry. This is in relation to what fabrication works can be done with the material for cut outs, variables of edging etc. Simply click on the image for fabrication options underneath and you will get a better feel for this.
With the recent surge in interest for this product, multiple manufacturers are now represented within the UK offering an impressive collection of over 600 colours. The main producers for quartz slabs are as detailed below. Simply click on one of the icons below to see more about the brand in question and choices available. A Caesarstone worktop is one of the best brands within the UK.
There are some other quartz brands on offer. Some of these we have fabricated in the past. History and experience has proven to us that the majority of quartz products imported from the Far East, for example, are of a low grade where it is virtually impossible to get the visible edge of the product to take a polish. Be careful if you select a quartz product other than those listed below from an alternative manufacturer. With these low-grade materials, the fabricator to the face edge, to make the material appear polished, puts on chemicals. Over a period of time, this will wear off leaving a dull face edge and sometimes considerably worse with scrapes and lines that were previously invisible. These poor quality products should be avoided at all costs, especially when you consider that they will only change an estimate by a token value. Essentially, if you choose a dirt cheap quartz option, you will in the main, just be selecting quartz sheets where the quartzite element of the product has been decreased for fabricators to offer low prices or worse still for the stone mason to retain more money. The quartzite reduction decreases the products level of durability. This renders these cheaper materials easier to scratch and they are prone to have a less polished finish. Frankly, if other top grade materials were available they would already be part of our product offering. It might well be there is a just cause why you cannot see them amongst our product range!
To obtain the most inexpensive quotation available for your quartz counters you should explore our range of most popular colours. These tones offer a choice suitable for virtually any kitchen with over sixty variables. The difference between the most popular colours and the branded products is just that the most popular colours are the products that we fabricate each and every day. This means that if your work necessitates the utilisation less than a full slab, you will only be liable for what is actually made use of and the remaining product will be used for another customer. If you decide upon a specific brand, you will be liable for all of the materials we will need to buy to carry out your project. We will not be able to make use of the off-cuts, as we do not use these colours every single day of the week. Another added benefit of using the most popular colour options is that this range is available to obtain an immediate online quote.
To be able to see the colours of Caesarstone worktops, please scroll down the page.
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 Alternatively click here to search our quartz range by colour. Caesarstone limited 15 year warranty can be viewed here.

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Caesarstone Quartz Colours

Hover mouse over image for enlarged image, click for a bigger sample, where available


PG1 etc after the material names represents price groups. PG1 being the cheapest. Note the price groups visible by manufacturer are prices in relation to the specific manufacturer. PG1 within one quartz brand is not the same as PG1 within another quartz brand. If you would like to see how all the brands compare browse via colour, rather than brand, you will then see price groups for all brands together.

Please note the above images will be subject to colour variation against the actual material owing to computer limitations

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