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Onyx Countertops Reviews

Onyx is a calcareous stone that comes from caves; the drip water in caves form stalagmites and stalactites which onyx is formed from.  Onyx is a soft and fragile stone.  It’s a rare gorgeous stone, so when using it, your space will really stand out!  Also, onyx can be backlit, and that can make a room pop.As we all know kitchen material selections are very important, and none more so than our countertops.  After all, this is the material next to our cabinets that get the most use, and need to be the most durable.  So when selecting your kitchen countertop, you need to consider onyx countertops reviews for what type of stone preference, color preference, and movement in the stone.

Onyx Countertops Reviews

 Onyx Countertops Reviews

Fragile & soft.

Onyx is fragile, it typically includes a fiberglass backing compound to strengthen the slab and keep it together.  One of the major concerns for onyx is that it is very soft; it does not hold up well with regular use.  It is easily scratched, so chopping vegetables or moving pots & pans on the stone will scratch it.  Also, any type of acidic food or liquid (i.e. limes) can etch and dull the surface, and don’t forget about red wine marble countertops near me .


Onyx needs to be sealed properly and then cleaned with special stone cleaner at frequent intervals to make it less-prone to scratching and staining.  If your countertops see normal daily use, plan for the expense of having them refinished periodically.With onyx countertops reviews it is clear that onyx is soft and it requires heavy maintenance.

Onyx is rare.

Onyx is a rare stone which is why this stone is expensive.  Because it’s rare each slab is different and the tones are unique as well.  Rare equals not often selected or used, so if you do choose to go this direction, you will have a showcase piece.

One of the biggest advantages of onyx countertops reviews is that it gives idea about onyx countertop look. This is an expensive countertop, and it shows. Having onyx installed will increase the value of a home. It also comes in a variety of colors, making it easy to find the right coloring to fit just about any scheme. Onyx countertops are extremely easy to clean and can be wiped down with warm, soapy water.

In a world where everyone is trying to lower their carbon footprint, it's good to know quartz is a very abundant material. It's the second most readily available material in the Earth's crust. However, the onyx countertops reviews that should be not avoided if homeowners want to go green because of the way they are produced. The problem is with the acrylic resins, which are used in the production of all quartz countertops. These are petroleum by-products, which means they often have alumina trihydrate fillers. Such fillers are made from bauxite ore, which is usually mined in developing countries using toxic chemicals kinds of quartz worktops .

The biggest drawback to onyx countertops is the expense that is why reading onyx countertops reviews can give you an idea to cope up with the hidden countetops cost . There are many other options available that cost a fraction of the price. Also, due to its brittle nature, seams are unavoidable if the homeowner has a large countertop design. Onyx doesn't tolerate heat at all. Placing hot pans or plates on an onyx countertop can damage it, and there is really no way to fix a piece of onyx that has been burned. The homeowner would have to replace the whole piece of onyx.

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All in all, we suggest using onyx in a lightly used area, we wouldn’t place it in a kitchen where you will get a huge amount of food spilling or an area where chopping happens, etc. A powder room is a great location for onyx or as a top to a console.  So when deciding to use onyx countertops, remember these onyx countertops reviews in order to make your decision.

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