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Onyx Countertops Price

When it comes to choosing a countertop, homeowners have a lot of styles from which to choose. One that has been growing in popularity in recent years is onyx countertops. There are many reasons why onyx has proven to be so popular, but a lot of it has to do with its unique patterns and beauty, which are only made possible thanks to its natural coloring. Unfortunately, since onyx is a type of quartz, it can be an expensive choice for a countertop. Here is some important information about the onyx countertops price that all homeowners should know about.

Considerations that affect onyx countertops price :

Onyx Countertops Price

Onyx Countertops Price

One factor that will greatly increase the price is the size of the onyx slabs installed. Onyx is a very brittle material and should only be installed by a professional. Having the counter broken up into different onyx slabs that are connected will onyx countertops price less than having the onyx countertop installed in one large piece marble countertops near me .

Another consideration when buying onyx is how it's formed. The grade and appearance of onyx depends a lot on how the quartz is ground. For example, when quartz like onyx is ground finely, it produces a very smooth look. If homeowners want onyx countertops that produce more of a flecked appearance, they want an onyx countertop that is coarsely ground. The onyx countertops price will also vary a lot, depending out of which onyx the countertop is made. All natural onyx is going to be more expensive than man-made onyx. In general, man-engineered onyx still contains roughly 90% quartz. The other material that makes up the onyx countertop will vary the pricing as well. For the most part, the other ingredients found in man-made onyx contain around 10% polymers, resins and pigments to adjust the coloring.


The materials needed to install an onyx countertop are pretty similar to the materials used in the installation of any other countertop which will effect onyx countertops price. The first thing homeowners will have to determine is the brand of onyx they want to use.  As far as choosing the best concerned, Silestone is often considered the best. Although most brands offer the same quality onyx countertops, Silestone has an edge because of the anti-microbial protection it puts on its products. However, since onyx is naturally resistant to bacteria because it is smooth, the best brand usually just comes down to preference which is  directly effecting the onyx countertops price laminated plywood  .


When buying any quartz countertops, including onyx, one of the main things homeowners need to be aware of is the grade. Most sellers break their onyx into the following grades:

First Choice: This is the highest grade onyx offered. Sometimes it's also referred to as "AA" or "Exotic" grade. These slabs of onyx are nearly flawless. However, this does not mean they are stronger than lower grades.

Commercial: This is usually a good grade of onyx for people who are on a budget. Although it might not have the same quality as other grades, it is usually polished nicely to hide any defects.

Second Choice: These slabs usually have high contrast in coloring or natural discoloration. Because of the odd coloring, they are cut into smaller pieces, which makes them unusable in most kitchens. They offer just as much strength as higher grade onyx countertops. If homeowners can make a second choice grade work, they will be getting a good deal.


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In a world where everyone is trying to lower their carbon footprint, it's good to know quartz is a very abundant material. It's the second most readily available material in the Earth's crust with most affordable onyx countertops price tag. However, there are a few types of onyx countertops that should be avoided if homeowners want to go green because of the way they are produced. The problem is with the acrylic resins, which are used in the production of all quartz countertops. These are petroleum by-products, which means they often have alumina trihydrate fillers. Such fillers are made from bauxite ore, which is usually mined in developing countries using toxic chemicals.So it is important to compare onyx countertops price before finalizing anything.

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