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Historical Colours

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Granite Worktops

Top quality granite worktops, carefully selected and comprehensively fitted will give absolutely any house or property the appearance of a glossy magazine photoshoot. Granite oozes pure and utter class, superiority and simplicity and total natural splendour. Having granite worktops within a kitchen brings nature itself into your home.

Another great bonus is that visitors to your home will be evidently stunned! For reasons unknown, your visitors almost levitate into the kitchen area of any home, so whether it is with friends, family members or with just your partner, a kitchen is the hub of any home.

If you love your kitchen, you should make sure that it is well finished. In this regard, you can count on granite worktops because they can turn your dull kitchen into a beautiful and elegant one. In fact, granite worktops are currently the most popular trend both in the European and American homes.

So, if you desire granite worktops, call us on 0845 862 1054 without delay, or email us with a copy of your kitchen plan or even easier, why not use our online quote calculator for you’re an instant quote. Whichever method suits, we will be there to support you all the way.

We simply love granite kitchen worktops! We take this industry very seriously because even after all the years we have been involved with stone worktops, we still cannot get enough of it. This enthusiasm comes out in our customer service, and the product range that we offer, we literally live, sleep and eat worktops, even before breakfast. Because of this, our expertise in this field is without a shadow of a doubt, the best there is to offer.

Apart from simply making your kitchen look fantastic, granite can also provide you with the best worktops for kitchens ever. They are capable of stimulating your mood in order to perform your required tasks well. Simply read on for more about granite worktops, their types and colours.

So, what is Granite?

Have you ever asked yourself what granite is? Granite is a type of natural stone quarried from different parts of the world. It falls into the intrusive igneous rock category that is manufactured from molten lava under the metamorphic rocks’ layer. When quarried and fabricated into worktops, granites are widely available in a vast range, not just in colour, but also in price. If you want to know more about granite, please read this article.

Granite and Stone Categories

There are numerous natural stone categories, but only four of them are well known and are part of the so-called rock cycle. They are as follows: igneous (extrusive) rocks, igneous (intrusive) rocks, metamorphic rocks and sedimentary rocks. All these rock categories have their own unique chemical composition. Igneous rocks make up the granite variety. Sedimentary rocks make up the Limestone varieties of decorative stone.

Perfect for Refurbishment or New Build

Creating a home or refurbishing an existing kitchen is one of the greatest financial expenditures we will make in a lifetime. With this in mind, it makes good common sense to select the finest materials, fittings and worktops that your budget can incorporate.

Another factor to consider is that a kitchen is the most important element within the valuation of any property. 99% of homeowners will sell their home at some point, the condition, taste and quality of your kitchen will play a major role in determining the value of your property and how quickly the property will be sold.

The choice of granite worktops is a prudent investment as these worktops will not deteriorate over time as per other lower quality products, and if you decide to sell you property the inclusion of these top quality worktops will make your home all the easier to sell.

With the level of choice that we offer, it can be a little daunting making a choice of worktops that are best suited to your kitchen, what sizes are required, complimentary colours for the choice of kitchen you have made or perhaps you are little puzzled by it all. Don’t worry, we are the experts, and we are here to help you along the way, simply give us a call on 0845 862 1054. All of our staff members are ready to assist you in any way we can and will help you with the answers and support necessary to make the right decisions for you.

Other Natural Rocks That Can Be Used as Worktops

Apart from granite, there are other options that can be used as a suitable material such as quartz worktops and marble worktops. Actually, these three as considered the most common options by homeowners, not just in the UK but in the other countries too. For other options, please see our material page.

3 Types of Granite Tops

There are 3 types of granite tops that you can choose from that can bring out the beauty of your home or commercial establishment. They are as follows: slab granite worktops, granite overlay worktops and granite tile worktops. Each of these granite worktops has a corresponding quality and cost based on factors such as fabrication, installation and manufacture.

Slab Granite Worktops

These are regarded as the most desirable option because they undergo manufacturing, fabricating and installation from just one slab piece that is customized for your particular area. A whole granite slab is generally of an average size of 1.2 - 2.0m wide and 2.5 - 3.0m in length. This piece will soon be polished, shaped and machined down into the specific worktop sizes required which is generally 30 millimetres in thickness. Because of the fact that it is just a single granite slab, it means that there are no joins for this kitchen countertop as compared to modular granite tops and tile granite countertops. The usual material cost of slab granite worktops is generally somewhere between £100 - £300 per square metre.

Granite Overlay Worktops

Granite overlay worktops are not actually granite. They are generally made up of man made quartz composite. These types of worktops are generally around 5mm in thickness and are fitted on top of your existing worktops. These are quite popular at the moment, but there are various factors to consider when purchasing worktops of this type.

Firstly, price. It is considered that overlay worktops are cheaper than actual solid 30mm granite worktops. Generally, this is not the case. The reason why they are considered cheaper is that when comparing prices, consumers are comparing the price of an overlay material against granite worktops purchased through a middleman or intermediary. An accurate comparison would be the price of an overlay material compared directly with one of our quotations, as we are one of the most competitively priced suppliers in the UK owing to the level of work that we undertake. Additionally, when comparing a 5mm option against a solid 30mm material, consumers anticipate the imitation material will be cheaper but are generally shocked when comparing the actual quotation sums.

Durability. Overlay imitation granite worktops are in the main 5mm thick. Our solid granite worktops are 30mm thick. A 5mm imitation composite material will never be as durable as the 30mm real thing.

Colour bleaching. In direct sunlight, for example, the sink area within a kitchen, a worktop material needs to be able to cope with the effects of direct sunlight. The colouring agents within granite worktops are mineral based and will last for thousands of years. Man made materials contain colour pigments that fade in direct sunlight, which is why 99% of composite materials cannot be utilised for external use.

Granite Tile Worktops

This is more of a bygone 1980's choice, where the tiles are cut down to the required sizes to make up worktops. The joins were generally filled with a grout as per wall tiling, but this option is not very hygienic and offers no great longevity.


The problem, when purchasing anything that you have not bought before, is that you generally hear all about the negatives but nothing about the positive attributes. This leads to consumers having some concerns about the use of granite as a suitable material for use as worktops.

The quick and easy answer to this is that you have no real cause for concern. This stone material is exceedingly robust, and in the unlikely event that you do manage to damage the surface it is fairly straightforward to repair and not that expensive to get someone to undertake on your behalf.

Granite is a very tough material; so much so, it scores a 7 on Mohr’s scale of hardness. Take into consideration that diamond scores 10. Indeed it is so tough, tools that are diamond-tipped are required to cut this material down into the sizes required.

The most important consideration, for maintaining granite worktops in the long term, is plain old, simple common sense. After use, a wipe over with a soapy dishcloth is all that is required to keep them clean.

Periodic sealing is required for granite, in the same way as every decorative stone, but there are tell tale signs to look for to know when this is required that are very simple to spot. Sealing worktops is a simple process that can be completed in around 15 minutes so no great hardships will be experienced undertaking any maintenance.

Granite Worktops Colours

Granite worktops are available with various colours to choose from, so you will be able to get the specific colour that will perfectly complement your kitchen’s design. This perfect, natural worktop solution, is available in thousands of many beautiful, unique, luscious, deep colour options ranging from gold to black, green to blue, red to white and cream to brown. The following are the various granite worktops colours that can perfectly bring out the best in your kitchen or simply look at the granite colours range available for your consideration.

Always remember that granite is a natural material so pieces will never be identical or contain the exact marks, specks, swirls or lines which makes this stone worktop material the perfect option to complement any kitchen colour scheme to coordinate with you choice of cabinet, floor and wall colours.


The colour black denotes style and class. If the walls in your kitchen are light-coloured, then a shiny black granite worktop is an ideal choice. However, make sure that you have excellent lighting in order not to make the kitchen darker. If you choose a black granite worktop, your kitchen will never be the same again. Black is the colour of choice throughout the UK.


White is a versatile colour because it works best with anything that is why it is a very popular choice with homeowners. Therefore, you will never go wrong in choosing a white granite worktop. Another great thing about this colour is that it can make the kitchen a whole lot fresher and brighter than ever before. However, the only drawback of a white granite worktop is that it is prone to staining if not properly sealed.

Earth Colours

If you want to have a trendy kitchen, the right countertop that will bring out your kitchen’s beauty and elegance is no other than earth colour granite countertops. Two of the best shades that will soothe your eyes are light green and brown. You can make your kitchen a more beautiful one by simply adding earth decors such as fruits, leaves and flowers. With these, you will savour every moment spent in the kitchen.

These are just some of the important factors you need to know about granite worktops and the wonders they can give to your kitchen. If you would like to check out the best granite worktops that come with the best quality and deals, you have come to the right site. With the best kitchen worktops we have in store for you, your kitchen will never be the same again. So, why don’t you browse our site now?

When you get in contact with us, you will receive a 100% tailored solution for your granite worktop needs. We will always ensure your total satisfaction, and we offer solutions tailored to your specific needs. Put us to the test and call us on 0845 862 1054 today.


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