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Granite Countertops

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Historical Colours

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Granite countertops have replaced the days of laminated kitchen worktops. Times have changed with lots Advantages of Granite Worktops. Granite worktops have replaced the days of laminated kitchen worktops. Times have changed with lots of stylish and beautiful kitchen worktops available in the market place. If you are looking for style and beauty, granite worktops are the perfect fit. Granite worktops offer complete transformation to a home starting with upgrading the kitchen from a standard and conventional one to a contemporary and superior kitchen design. Granite worktop can be custom-made to suit the consumers’ style and design specifications.

Apart from style and beauty, functionality and durability are two other major contributory factors to be considered when making a choice of kitchen worktops material. When comparing other common and popular kitchen worktop materials like stainless steel, laminate, wood, granite clearly stands out as the durability leader. Granite has been esteemed highly for centuries because of its strength and unique visual appearance. Granite has been known to offer style and functionality to any home because of these advantages which distinguishes them from every other worktop material.

Visual Appeal

Every granite slab is unique and different; even slabs from the same source will not be the same. This makes granite countertops simply amazing to behold. Their elegance cannot easily be matched by other materials. The uniqueness and beauty of natural stone is a major part of its aesthetic appeal.


With each unique granite tab, comes hundreds of common granite colours and patterns. In fact, the variety of colours, designs, and patterns that granite worktop offer is near to endless. This variety can hardly be found with any other worktop material. The appearance of your granite worktop can be customized with the various finishing and edging styles in the market presently.

Natural and Polished Versions

Granite countertops can offer the two options of natural look or polished and sealed elegant look to your granite kitchen worktops. When in use, in its natural form, granite kitchen worktops add an earthy flair to your kitchen while its polished counterpart can give the desired class and elegance that accompanies a contemporary kitchen.

Durability and low Maintenance

If you are interested in longevity with your choice of your worktops and your house, then granite is your best choice. It's durability, resistance to heat, stain and scratch makes it the best choice for use as a kitchen work surface. Granite countertops do not need immediate replacement after installation because it last almost a lifetime. In addition to its long life, granite worktops are resistance to chemicals and require low maintenance with a mild cleaning solution and tepid water. Sealed or polished granite worktop is highly hygienic because of its bacterial resistance and water impermeability qualities.

Water Resistance

Water resistance is one major factor why granite kitchen worktop is highly recommended. If in the course of your cooking and water spills on the surface, there is no risk of damage as the water will not seep inside because of its high water impermeability.

In a kitchen or home renovation projects, there are a lot of questions to be answered and choices to be made when it comes to materials to be used. However, in terms of kitchen worktop material, the task is easy. Granite countertops as a material for kitchen worktops offers unequalled and aesthetic beauty and durability that can be enjoyed for almost a lifetime.

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Fabrication Options

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