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Cheap Granite Worktops

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Cheap Granite

Ask any housewife, and she will state that, among the materials she treasures most, is the worktop for her new kitchen. For those ardent ladies who spend a great part of their day in their kitchens, what better gift can they hope for than a choice of beautiful, cheap granite worktops, for their quality kitchen worktop, completely transforming the facade and ambiance of the kitchen to another realm? However, even though several factors contribute to the selection of a worktop, one factor that seems to stand out is the universal demand for cheap worktops, in line with the present general economic mood of the nation.

Different stone materials are used in the fabrication of worktops. The good news for consumers is that each fabricator is reacting to the current economic climate to offer the most competitively priced stone worktops that have ever been available. Without doubt, as far as the UK market is concerned, granite worktops are very popular and seem to hold sway in the market.

There are numerous stone materials from which worktops are fabricated, and you have a vast choice to select from Granite, from Tropical Brown to Arctic Cream, Quartz, including fresh green and Prisma Rosso, Marble ranging from Serpentine to Rojo Alicante, Limestone in shades of beige and white, Sandstone with Jura Beige and Rosal, Slate, offering Verde Ardesia or Pedra Verde, Basalt, from Baslatina to Pietra Lavica or Onyx in the most beautiful colours of green and orange, the list is endless. These vast options offer every fabulous shade of colour, and you will be wonderfully spoilt for choice, both from the point of view of their hues, as well as their finishing. These options are low on maintenance and will greatly enrich your kitchen aspirations.

The temptation is to look for the supplier that offers the cheapest options. Although, within the current climate, everyone looks for the most cost effective answers, using only the price to determine where you place an order is not necessarily the best idea. While searching for the perfect cheap granite worktops, it would be prudent to focus on the quality of the materials too. Aesthetics and functionality also play a major role in the selection process. Susceptibility to high levels of maintenance should also be an influence in your choice. Some of the more unscrupulous fabricators are even resorting to using dyes, chemicals and pigments to mask the colour of materials to make them look like the most popular colours, so they can make more profits.

Another consideration is fabrication. Lets consider this in detail, so we can clarify how these cost savings are offered. One factor is that some providers of cheap granite worktops are buying worktop blanks. These are worktops that are generally three metres in length and around six hundred millimetres in width. The fabricator takes these to the customers home and cuts, shapes and polishes these materials within the house creating a huge amount of hazardous dust. What you should consider here is the Health and Safety Executives legislation in relation to the Control Of Substances Hazardous to Health, often referred to as COSHH assessments. The inhalation of dust created from stone masonry works can cause Silicosis which is an extremely serious health condition.

Within fabrication facilities, our profession use dust extraction chambers which are often referred to as wet walls. They are used to capture this dust whilst the stonemasons are still required to wear dust masks and special protective overalls to ensure there is no dust penetration that could be inhaled when the overalls and mask are removed. The HSE consider this health risk to be so grave that fabrication facilities that do not conform to these regulations are put out of business. Now consider the implications of someone undertaking these works in your home. No wet walls will mean that dust will be everywhere and takes weeks to get rid of with daily ongoing inhalation. This is hazardous.

You can invest in the best materials around, but if the company that is cutting, shaping and polishing the materials to suit your requirements, offer poor quality workmanship the result will be a poor quality finish. Within fabrication facilities, CNC machines are used in the process of fabricating worktops to the specifications of the customers requirements. Some of these machines can cost up to £300,000. Our industry does not purchase these machines to enable us to have bragging rights over a pint in the local regarding the values of our assets. We utilise these machines to ensure the end resulting pieces of worktops that we fabricate are exactly fabricated to our customers requirements. This takes into consideration corners of walls that are not at 90 degrees, contours within walls and so on.

Turning back to our mobile operator using worktop blanks, they will use hand tools such as angle grinders to cut the worktops to the lengths required. Using a saw, hand or electric, is quite difficult to master to cut hardwood timber in a straight line also to ensure the cut is at 90 degrees as well as straight. It is possible and in the case of an electric saw you can use a guide to assist you. Angles grinders do not have guides so any cut will be undertaken by eye sight alone. Ask yourself, how straight will this worktop be cut?

When you take these factors into consideration, an operator with no fixed plant and machinery, dust extractors etc you can see how it is possible to obtain cheap granite worktops. If you have a problem down the line with your worktops, how many small operators of this sort will actually still be trading to be able to offer you the aftercare and back up your require. The services that we provide are amongst the best in the industry, and our prices are extremely competitive. If you want to find out how cheap granite worktops can be, use our online quote tool, and you will be pleasantly surprised but remember when looking around, if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.


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