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Buy Onyx Countertops

Onyx countertops are an increasingly popular design choice for both homes and commercial applications. Onyx stone has a unique natural beauty and because of its rarity and price is only now becoming a popular design choice. While onyx definitely has aesthetic advantages, there are some practical challenges that you must also consider before you buy onyx countertops.

Onyx is considered a calcareous stone and is formed naturally when limestone dissolves and reforms into a new hardened material keep this in mind before you buy onyx countertops. The properties of this new material make onyx translucent which is one reason onyx has become a popular design choice. Compared to other stones, this makes onyx a brittle material which should be carefully used. Onyx can be found containing a variety of light or pastel color ranges which include, but are not limited to reds, browns, blues, and greens.

Buy Onyx Countertops

Buy Onyx Countertops 

Because of the way onyx forms, it often contains colorful swirls, circles or other liquid like patterns that give it a unique and striking appearance. The translucent properties of onyx often lend to applications where back lighting is applied for an added wow factor. This makes onyx a popular choice for night clubs and hotel bars where the bar is the focal point of the space and often the entire countertop may be made with back lit onyx giving it an unique and sexy appearance. Home and condo owners may mimic this look in their kitchen countertops, baths or wet bars. Before choosing to buy onyx countertops, there are a few things you should consider marble countertops near me .

Onyx is also an expensive stone, therefore you won't lose that classy image that you want. We all know that it is normally used in making expensive jewellery. But lately, home designers are beginning to include them in their projects because of their exotic look. It comes in different interesting shades that are uniquely different from other expensive stones.

You can have onyx countertops with colors ranging from orange to pink. Some onyx stones have blue and green bands running through the piece. In fact, it is seldom you will find two stones that look the same. These stones are really very highly different from each other. If you want your house to look dynamic and energetic, then this wonderful onyx stone is your answer kinds of quartz worktops .

Onyx is considered a soft stone. Because it is reformed from dissolved materials It is brittle in nature and can be easily scratched, etched or broken consider it before you buy onyx countertops. For horizontal applications, it will often come with a fiberglass mesh backing material to help avoid breakage. If your countertop is planned for food preparation or entertainment keep in mind that onyx materials can be etched by acidic materials like wines, and lemon juice. It is almost required that onyx be sealed before use to give you some measure of protection. Since onyx is not as hard as other counter tops, beware of heavy objects and activities that may scratch the materials.

Heavy use of your onyx countertop will eventually give it a worn appearance. This is something to consider when you buy onyx countertops since onyx is actually considered a rare material and will be very expensive. That is another reason while you will want to protect your investment with some sort of sealer. Preferably one that does not naturally deteriorate. Because onyx stone is so expensive, you'll find these types of countertops in high end applications like night clubs, restaurants, hotels and luxury homes, condominiums and apartments.

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Without a doubt, onyx countertops can be a sexy and striking design choice. Its unique natural formation lends itself to unique colors and patterns that add an architectural impact to your kitchen or bath. When considering to buy onyx countertops this material choice, think about its practicality and pay close attention to your budget, as onyx is a material that is very expensive and will require your care.

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