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Bathroom Worktops, Granite Offcuts & Small Jobs

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Bathroom Worktops, Granite Offcuts, Marble Offcuts, Quartz Offcuts & Small Jobs

If you have a small project to undertake or require a Bathroom Worktopsgranite offcut, marble offcut or quartz offcut then you have come to the right page.

A typical stone slab can measure up to 3000 x 2000 mm in size. A quartz slab 3000 x 1400 mm.

If you require a small piece of stone for a hearth, bathroom vanity top, coffee tables, speaker stands, window sills, very small kitchen worktops or any other use you can can think of, then this is the right page for you.

Bathroom Worktops & Offcuts

Bathroom Worktops & Offcuts

Most customers would like to choose a specific colour for a small project. The reality is that if your job requirement is for 0.35 square metres, this is say a bathroom vanity top 1000 x 350mm, you are not going to want to pick up the cost for an entire 6 square metre slab. In this case you will require a  Bathroom Worktops, granite offcut, marble offcut  or quartz offcut to make the project financially viable for you in a suitable colour.

We have devised this pricing structure to assist with works of this type natural stones.

Any rectangular shaped 20 or 30mm granite, marble or quartz engineered stone off-cut, cut to size and polished on the edges with a standard chamfered edge profile. This is the only edge profile we offer with offcuts. The prices will are as follows;

Up to .25m2 i.e. 500×500 £100
Up to .5m2 i.e. 1000×500 £200
Up to .75m2 i.e. 1500×500 £300
Up to 1m2 i.e. 1000×1000 £400
Up to 1.25m2 i.e. 1250×1000 £500
Up to 1.5m2 i.e. 1500×1000 £600

These prices include VAT. Sizes above these will need to be taken from an entire slab.

Delivery, from the templates / sizes you provide will be £1.80 per mile with a minimum charge of £75.00 with presumption made that people will be on site to take the goods from the delivery vehicle. This is for kerbside only delivery. You are free to collect from the nearest factory to your location which we can advise once we are in receipt of the information at the foot of the page Quartz countertops best company .

Additional fabrication works

Over mounted / inset sink cut out £170.00

Under mounted sink cut out £228.00

Flush fitting sink / hob £300.00

Drainer grooves (per set of up to 5) £140.00

Tap or any small circular hole up to 35mm in size £15.00

Small rounded corner - Radius up to 100 mm in size £28.00

Large rounded corners - Radius up to 300 mm in size £40.00

If you would like an offcut based on the prices listed above please forward to us via email


1. Your name.

2. Address.

3. Contact number.

4. Sizes of piece(s) required.

5. An idea of colour you are looking for.

6. Details of your additional fabrication requirements from the above list.

Contact Us

Once we are in receipt of the above information we will come back to you to let you know what availability of materials we have and a final price for your needs.

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