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Stone Worktop Options

Once you have come to a decision that you are to have a new kitchen or bathroom, the next stage is determine which worktop to elect. Various factors will influence that choice including prices, the word of mouth of others, durability, appearance and general feel good factor.


Unquestionably, stone is above all other counter choices, regardless of what the most important functionality requirement upon which to make your final choice. Stone work surfaces offer the most fabulous finish of all worktop options.

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This also applies to every variable of stone, if you use great amounts of spices, herbs or exotic vegetables within your cooking, Turmeric for example, then the use of a light coloured, absorbent stone is not a good countertop choice of natural stones .


Lots of homeowners are of the misconception that they are highly priced but a great percentage of this illusion is owing to their friends and families countertops being bought through a middleman. If you communicate directly with the factory, you will be taken aback with what considerable cost savings can be obtained.

False assumptions also influences buyers perception of the durability of a stone it really is about opting for the right worktop for the correct environment. For example, you would not wear sandals in the snow, but it does not stop sandals being a great choice of shoe in the right conditions.

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We have included here nine various stone options for consideration to include within your project. Underneath each we highlight the materials use and strengths. Have a look around the pages of each of the materials to get a feel for the appearance and it’s best utilisation. If you have a question, please get in touch, after all that is what we are here for. We are the experts in stone and look forward to hearing from you to discuss how we can best serve your requirements.

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Hardest of all natural stone worktop materials

Highly resistant to stains, scratches and heat

The perfect choice for kitchen worktops

Granite is a beautiful, easy to clean, hard wearing and natural worktop. Granite offers beauty and character that no man-made materials can match and because the material is natural, no one else can possibly have the same worktop as you!

Marmol Compac

Appearance of marble

Durability of quartz

Low porosity

This clever material delivers the best of both worlds! Marmol Compac offers the natural look of beautiful marble but with an added bonus; virtually zero maintenance. Very hard wearing and perfect for bathrooms.


The most natural stone appearance

Great diversity of uses

Exceptionally durable

Slate is world renowned for durability and low maintenance. It has a great natural in-built ability to resist stains and water causes no real impact on this sturdy decorative stone. Perfect for home of business use.



Classic and Elegant material

Excellent for bathroom worktops

Perfect for fireplaces and furniture too!

It's said that marble is the stone of the gods but it is just as relevant today as it ever was. Nothing will add more beauty to a bathroom than marble; the god given veins and swirling colours will make you feel like royalty!


Distinctive appearance

Beauty increases as the material matures

Some options contain fossils

No doubt you are aware that limestone makes a fantastic choice of tile but the appeal of this stone have made it impossible to ignore in other applications. Hard wearing, lots of colour choice and suitable for internal and external environments.


Perfect for cladding & flooring

Generally dark grey and black in colour

Easy material to work with

Thought basalt was only for massage stones? Aggregates have contained basalts for years but as a decorative stone it is a new contender for consideration that offers a subtlety that make it perfect for interior and exterior wall panels.


Impervious and mould resistant

Contemporary or traditional options

Consistency of colour

Where quartz could not improve on natures beauty and character in granite surfaces, it improves on durability and ease of maintenance. If you want the sophistication of a stone worktop but not the variations inherent in granite then quartz is for you.


A stone choice displaying a visual feast

Want backlighting? Onyz is translucent

Uses include bathrooms, fireplaces and tops

Onyx is the most visually stunning of all decorative stones but most consumers think that its uses are restricted to that of a gemstone and pay no regard to island pieces, bathrooms and fireplaces. A little more aftercare is worth the reward!


Perfect for cladding, piers ands columns

Natural rugged look compliments fireplaces

High resistance to acids and alkalis

Sandstone is often multicoloured and is used unpolished. Traditional buildings within numerous Eastern countries are largely constructed from sandstone. A tough looking stone that adds rugged charm to all that it touches.

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