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Kashmir Gold Granite

 Kashmir Gold Granite

Other names this material is known as include  

Many variants. Slabs need to be viewed as they can vary from block to block

Kashmir Gold Granite

Kashmir Gold Granite is known as a stone that is mainly found in India, Madurai. It deeply comes in yellow colour while its structure is of black granule. Actually, Kashmir is considered as its trade name but somehow not related into it. However, this trade name has so long been known to many consumers and manufacturers.

This granite stone colour is perfect to any surface found in your lovely kitchen. It truly complements a coloured door while it stunningly remains beautiful and elegant. Actually, it also works with oak door, so you better make use of it. This beautiful granite also has its warm shades of orange, gold and yellow colour that its own movement would simply look like an art work.

Kashmir Gold Granite is currently used by many consumers mainly for the use as a worktop. It can be offered at its price range that may depend on several factors. Take note that the Kashmir Gold Granite is mined in India and as the name of the limestone suggests, it has its rivers of movement and colour that run through the stone with distinct brown and darker red spots. As the granite colour simply suggests, it can range from a deep rich gold to a paler yellow stone. As of this moment, the Kashmir Gold Granite comes in a creamy yellow colour that can work beautifully on a dark wood-grain door that is popular also in Cherries and Blacks. Another known alternative is the Ivory Fantasy which is warmer and softer in its own appearance than other granites.

For the kitchen, this granite stone colour may make a perfect setting that you ever wish for. It may highlight the kitchen atop an ornately elegant wood while providing an ample workspace. It also becomes a central focus in the kitchen with a wide range of shades such as yellow, gold and brown that gorgeously carries the exotic Kashmir Gold Granite.

Stop on a shop from online companies that offer this stone to fit to any home decoration you prefer. This stone can be curved gently around the counter top with its smooth and long masterpiece. Imagine striking colours are exceedingly featured to create a gorgeous kitchen setting. For kitchen cabinetry, Kashmir Gold Granite is beautifully highlighted as well as on bathroom that creates an elegant space. On kitchen tops, this granite stone worktops colour can beautifully highlight the space provided for cooking.

What are you still waiting for; start your project for home improvement with customized countertops that feature the granite stone colour. This is quite perfect to be crafted for floors, countertops, fireplaces, vanities and walls. Or if you want, you can make use of Kashmir Gold Granite for bath, kitchen or bar area as it can be purchased for low prices and free estimates. Choose for this stone colour that can bring a gorgeous look on any surface! No doubt it can fulfil your fantasies for a better home improvement.


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