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How To Tell If Countertop Is Granite Or Quartz

As of late, perhaps the most common question our customers ask our staff regarding a new counter top purchase is..."How To Tell If Countertop Is Granite Or Quartz".  Whether the customer is building a new home or simply remodeling their existing kitchen or bathroom, the decision to go with Granite or Quartz is very common question.

One Basic Difference: 

Granite Counter tops are a natural stone and Quartz Counter tops are manufactured.Granite is formed deep beneath the Earth's surface from boiling molten rock called magma.  The magma builds up pressure from the intense heat and rises through the Earth's crust via cracks and crevasses.  As the magma cools down, it is formed into Granite.  The Granite is then mined and cut into slabs for installation into your home. It is the main difference that will help you with How To Tell If Countertop Is Granite Or Quartz.

How To Tell If Countertop Is Granite Or Quartz

How To Tell If Countertop Is Granite Or Quartz 

Quartz counter tops are manufactured using a mixture of stone chips, resins, and pigments.  The mixture is then heated to form the final product for use in your home.  Quartz counter tops can also be referred to as "engineered counter tops" and "man-made counter tops."

Igneous rocks are formed by the solidification of magma deep within the earth, and include common countertop materials such as granite.

Sedimentary rocks are created over time by compression. As other rocks erode and are then pressed down by the weight of the earth above them, they create sedimentary rocks like limestone ceramic tiles .

Metamorphic rocks are typically sedimentary rocks that have been exposed to great heat and pressure, and include marble and slate.

All of the most common natural stone countertops come from one of these types of rock, but identifying the particular stone surface isn’t always as easy as it might seem. Here are a few tips on How To Tell If Countertop Is Granite Or Quartz, and so on.


Granite is a naturally occurring stone, therefore, no two slabs of granite will be the same.  Choosing Granite for your home offers endless options of colors, patterns, and variations for your home.  Granite counter tops offer a homeowner a natural and unique look that is original to your home only.  Quartz counter tops tend to be more consistent in the colors, patterns, and variations.  However, many Quartz manufacturers are expanding their selections to offer colors and patterns that mimic natural stone granite worktops near me .


Granite is one of the hardest materials on Earth and is extremely durable.  With normal everyday use, your Granite counter top will last a lifetime and beyond.Quartz is every bit as hard as Granite, making it extremely durable as well.  As with Granite, with normal everyday use, Quartz will last a very long time.If you want to know How To Tell If Countertop Is Granite Or Quartz then you should know that both are highly durable, however, not entirely indestructible.  If subjected to abnormal abuse, both Granite and Quartz counter tops can stain, chip, and scratch if not treated with care.  


Cleaning Granite and Quartz Countertops - We recommend using mild soap, warm water, and a soft cotton cloth to clean both surfaces.


The cost for Granite and Quartz varies on both depending on the product.  There are Granite slabs that cost less than Quartz slabs and there are Quartz slabs that are more expensive than Granite slabs.  Once again, it just depends on what material and color you choose.


Compac Carrara Quartz Price

So which is better.  It is all personal preference!  One customer appreciates the natural veining and beauty found in many of our Granite slabs, while another customer prefers the consistency of some Quartz materials.  One customer may want to stay within a budget and he/she will choose whatever counter top material best fits within their parameters.  Knowing in advance that How To Tell If Countertop Is Granite Or Quartz will ultimately transform your kitchen or bathroom and increase the value of your home.  Choosing to upgrade your counter tops could also be the difference in the eyes of a potential buyer.

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