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How To Compare Granite Worktop Prices

 Granite Worktop Prices

Granite Worktop Prices

The value and appeal that a worktop of such statue brings to a kitchen definitely impacts upon granite worktop prices. Granite worktops are unique due to the warm beauty that they have to offer. The worktops are made from granites, a uniform and distinct igneous rock formed beneath the earth surface. The magma cools and solidifies into a stone which contains minerals like quartz, mica and feldspar. The granite stone contains large crystals which gives it that grainy texture. Granite worktops Prices are available in various colours because the granite stone itself can be found in various colours such as black, gold or green which depends on the environment in which it is formed.

Like marble, the granite stone is thousands of years old and so possesses a porous surface. This implies that liquids like oil and water can easily penetrate into them. This is the reason why granite worktops are sealed. Also, granite is one of the hardest stones after diamond. This hardness and seal ensures its durability and resistant feature.

Granite kitchen worktops can be expensive due to various factors. Mining and refining granite is not an easy task. Granite is mined in large pits called quarries. Being that the stone is hard, it can only be cut with diamonds. Depending on what the stone will be eventually used for, wire saws are used to cut the granite into shape and usable sizes. Afterwards, it is then polished and finished. Also, granite worktops need to be installed by professionals and this contributes to the overall price.

In determining granite worktop prices this varies depending on its finish. Granite surfaces can have a polished, flamed, brushed or honed finish with each one having a different appearance. The polished finish is very common because if its elegance and easy maintenance. This finish is definitely great for kitchen worktops because it is distinct and gives your kitchen a sparkling look. A polished granite worktop is generally cheaper that other finishes as the quarries generally polish all granite slabs before they are exported all around the world. Finishes like honed, hammered etc are generally applied after polishing in the Country where the materials will be sold. This additional process incurs additional costs.

The honed finish is not as popular as the polished finish but has its own share of elegance. Worktops with this finish are not so shiny but have a contemporary appearance. This finish shows more stains than the other finishes and so needs extra maintenance.

Granite worktops get a flamed finish when the granite is exposed to extreme heat, followed by immediate cooling. This causes the stone to melt and some crystals shatter in this process. If you want a worktop with a textured surface, a flamed or antique finish would be best.

Granite worktops start like as a slab format, which are generally 30mm thick. The slab sizes vary but an optimum size is 3000 x 2000mm. These slabs are cut down to suit each homes specific size requirements. To ensure that you obtain the most cost effective quotation, remember granite worktop prices are much lower when purchased from the fabricators rather than through kitchen suppliers or other middle men.

You can still equip your kitchen with granite worktops even with a low budget. Just by reducing the fabrication processes will enable you to obtain cheaper granite worktop prices. For example by opting for an inset rather than an undermounted sink choice will reduce costs.

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