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How To Clean Granite Worktops

 Clean Granite Worktops

Clean Granite Worktops 

Granite has a variety of styles befitting for every home and living area for decoration. The beauty and splendor of granite worktops adds glamour to every kitchen type. Granite is said to be the most long lasting material for use in kitchen worktops. Granite worktops apart from lasting almost a lift time can add beauty to your kitchen and make every moment spent in the kitchen worth the while. You need to understand how to clean granite worktops to ensure they will offer you a lifetime of satisfaction.

The durability of this granite can be enhanced by proper cleaning. Proper cleaning of granite worktops aids in the maintenance of its polished surface, keeping it fresh and ensuring that it is always free of stain. Granite surfaces are one of the easiest surfaces to maintain as it is not only heat resistance, but also scratch resistant.

Granite can easily be maintained by mopping up any spillage, cleaning the countertop with warm soapy water and drying it with a soft cloth preferably white. Damage to granite worktops can be prevented by the avoidance of contact with the work surface edges which can chipped if banged with a hard object. Do not cut directly on the surface and do not expose worktops to excessive heat. Also, try to avoid moving the position of your worktop, maintain the original position of installation.

There are several products for cleaning granite worktops depending on the type of cleaning you want to undertake (deep cleaning or a quick fix), but many people prefer cleaning with Windex or Vinegar because they are the most natural of all. To clean your granite worktop with Windex or Vinegar, follow these tips and you will keep your worktop in a better condition for a long time. Note these cleaning requirements are not required with quartz worktops such as Silestone.

Clean granite worktops with Vinegar:

First of all you require a spray bottle, warm water and Vinegar. Then mix the Vinegar with warm water in the right proportion, in a spray bottle, and shake properly before spraying onto the surface. Allow the mixture to stay on the worktop surface for a minimum of ten minutes before wiping it off. After the removal of the Vinegar from the surface, wet the white cloth and then clean off the surface thoroughly and use a dry towel to wipe the surface to prevent spots from the water to form on the surface because of moisture.

Clean granite worktops with Windex:

Most people prefer Windex to Vinegar because its smell is not as irritating or strong as that of Vinegar. In using Windex, ensure, the spray bottle is held at least eight inches away from the surface. After spraying, use a soft towel to clean off and continue wiping down until the surface is thoroughly cleaned.

Cleaning with Windex might seem easier, but generally the stains take time to go off. This might need a longer time to clean. That is the disadvantage of cleaning with Windex as against cleaning with Vinegar which might not take a long time in cleaning.

Whichever cleaning product you may decide to use for cleaning your granite worktop, ensure you always allow it to stay for some minutes before you clean off. Most people make the mistake of wiping the liquid as soon as they are sprayed, but this may cause damage to your worktop later.

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