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Granite Tops - A Best Value

 Granite Tops

Granite Tops A Best Value

The plan to renovate a kitchen should have the purchase of granite tops a best value for money in it, and there is a variety of granite worktops from which to choose. Granite is the best stone material for your kitchen worktops because of its resilience and ability to withstand continuous wear and tear for a long time. With enough care and maintenance, granite tops can easily last much longer than any other worktop made from any other material like laminate. For those that love long term investment in kitchens granite tops is your perfect choice because it is extremely durable and can last almost for a lifetime.


There are four different types of granite that can be used for work surfaces; they are Biotite, Talcose, Tourmaline and Hornblende granites. Hornblende granite can easily be used in anything because of its flexibility. The Tourmaline is the softest of all the granite types while the hardest is the Biotite which is why Biotite is regarded as the best type of granite suitable not just for indoors, but also for outdoor use. Talcose is mainly used for decorations because of its weak nature. Talcose would make the weakest of all the granite tops. The different types of granite can be found in a variety of colours, texture, styles and design.

Styles and Finish

The numerous varieties of colours and textures of granite make this very versatile in terms of complimenting kitchen designs. Granite’s rich and elegant colours will suit any kitchen irrespective of the size. Two major styles that can be selected from with granite are the consistent and the variegated styles. The variegated granite offers more varieties of interesting styles that the pieces can easily be matched together. With the variegated finish, you can choose your kind of finish either flat or polished. Unlike the consistency that comes with  black granite tops of the same pattern. 

Cleaning and maintaining granite tops are an easy task. Cleaning granite worktops, you require a paper towel and soapy water. This can be used when regularly cleaning your granite worktops, and you will enhance its durability and beauty. Abrasive cleaning solutions are not good for granite surfaces. Acidic foods are not to be left on the work surface because it can ruin the granite worktop finish. To maintain its original beauty, you can re-finish granite tops at least once a year with a penetrating sealant.

Granite kitchen worktops can be very expensive which is why it needs to be well cleaned and maintained. This is because of its quality and style. The cost of any granite worktop includes not only the cost for cutting the slabs, but also the edgings and labour. Most manufacturers do not offer warranties on granite worktops, but you should get a guarantee on the installation element of the cost.

Nowadays granite tops are a must see in most homes. They are attractive, easy to clean and maintain. Most importantly, granite tops come in different types and finish. This allows a wide range of variety to choose from depending on the consumer’s specification. Granite worktops are considered an excellent investment because of its durable qualities.

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