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Granite Care And Maintenance Tips

Granite Care And Maintenance

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If you would like to bring out the best in your home’s interior, then granite is the perfect material. For years, granite has been the leading decorative stone material trusted by home and business owners alike, not just in the UK, but also across the globe but Granite Care And Maintenance Tips is must known for everyone. This fact is that granite contains that all-important magic element to bring out the best within any property. Granite worktops are known to possess a polished sheen and offer natural, unrivalled beauty that signifies rich timeliness and timelessness. Apart from their elegant beauty, granite has a worthy reputation for rugged durability that will make your home always look fantastic.

However, in this world, nothing really lasts forever as everything gets damaged and deteriorates over time due to certain factors and elements. Your granite worktops are not an exception to this. Now, if you would like to know the best practices on how to take good care of and maintain your granite, you are reading the right article.

Things to Consider When Caring for the Granite Worktops

One of the elements that could damage granite countertops is kitchen heat. Therefore, ensure that you don’t put Granite Care And Maintenance Tips hot pots or casseroles dishes directly on the worktops without the use of a trivet. You don’t want your granite worktop to have any surface discoloration owing to possible scold marks, do you? In order to prevent this, you should also ensure your other family members are aware of this.

Another factor that could damage the polished finish of your granite worktop surface is sand or grit. An object or item that comes in contact with your kitchen worktops might have sand or grit stuck to the underside. A cup of tea or a cold drink container could have abrasive grit on the underside that could scratch the granite surface area so you should be mindful of this.

Granite Care And Maintenance Tips  

Various products are available to assist in this regard, and some bold manufacturers claim their wonder product will repair blemishes or scratches from the granite surface area. However, you need to ensure that you do not compound the problem owing to negligence or ignorance of the product.

Another issue with ongoing granite care and maintenance is cleaning this wonderful Black granite material. You should be mindful not to utilize an abrasive chemical such as like Ajax or products of this type. One should also be mindful not to use any ammonia-based cleaning product, as the chemicals contained within such products will dull the materials natural lustre and the polished sheen of the granite. In this regard, the perfect, ongoing, daily cleaning agent is warm soapy water. For more permanent blemishes such as marker stains or ink within darker stones, the perfect choice is an acetone or lacquer thinner. On the other hand, you can make use of hydrogen peroxide in removing stain on light-colored granite. Note that these suggestions are reactive remedies and one should be more proactive to achieve the best longer-term solutions.

The Right Caring and Maintenance Procedures

Now you are aware of the things you should take into consideration when it comes to caring for your granite kitchen worktops, you should discover the correct granite care and maintenance procedures to ensure the materials longevity. Granite care and maintenance is divided into two classifications which are short term-care and long-term care.

Short-Term Granite Care and Maintenance

According to experts, the most essential thing to do in order to maintain the beauty and shine of the worktops is to clean and wipe them frequently using the correct granite cleaning products that are specifically designed for granite. There are cleaners that have high acidic content and can create damage to the sealant applied to kitchen worktops. This can allow the chemicals to seep into the granite’s pores and lead to the materials discoloration. If you don’t want that to happen, simply check the ingredients that are contained within the proposed cleaning product. Two manufacturers of repute whose products are availablewithin the UK are Lithofin and HG. Both manufacturers offer an extensive range of stone-related granite care and maintenance products.

Long-Term Care and Maintenance

When it comes to the long-term care and maintenance for your granite worktops, there is a requirement for you to apply a liquid stone sealant to the surface, probably around twice a year, in order to seal the granite’s pores, which will help to protect its surface. An analogy that should offer an outline of the issue in hand is making a comparison to what most of us have witnessed at some point within a garden. Take the wonderful British weather, for example, when it rains, raindrops fall onto paving slabs within the garden. Within a short duration of time, the paving slabs have ceased to be wet whereas the grass area remains drenched. This is simply owing to absorbency. Paving slabs, like all natural stones, are porous. This means when stone comes into contact with a liquid it absorbs it. In the case of water, when the stone has had the opportunity to dry, no evidence is visible of the previous wet areas, but this does not apply to all liquids. Oils coming into contact with stone will not be absorbed in the same way as water. Oil will leave stains and will generally darken the area in which it comes into contact.

Now simply relate this to kitchen worktop and you will have a clearer understanding of the necessity to seal the pores of the stone. This will ensure that when stone worktops comes into contact with a liquid it does not have the capacity to absorb the liquid as the stones pores are already blocked up with the sealing agent. A wide down after the event with a suitable soapy cloth will generally suffice on a mild spillage or indeed oil spits associated with cooking.

Understanding when stone needs to be sealed is simple. Once a month simply place a small pool of clean water onto the surface and see if the stone absorbs the water and leaves a darker patch. If so, the worktops need to be sealed. Simples!

The actual process for sealing granite could not be easier too! Purchase a suitable product from one of the manufacturers listed above. Simply apply this to the surface area as directed and 10 to 15 minutes later the job is complete. All these silly tales of protracted sealing methods and almost watching the worktops with a microscope are simply old wives tales generated from people with little or no experience of the material.

Other Do’s and Don’ts in Granite Care and Maintenance

You also need to know that specific varieties of natural stone are made up of calcium carbonate, and are very sensitive to acid. This is the main reason why harsh chemicals, wine and fruit juices must be removed from the granite’s surface immediately. In order for you to secure that your granite worktop will be able to stand the test of time, the following are some of the do’s and don’ts in granite care and maintenance:


For best results, use a clean cotton rag.

Use a mild soap or cleaning product in order to prevent streaks and film.

Immediately after the surface has been washed with a soap solution, rinse it thoroughly and dry it off using a soft and clean cloth to remove possible streaks to the surface.

The water used for rinsing should be changed frequently.

Wipe up spillages as they occur.


Don’t use products containing vinegar, lemon or other acids on the granite because high acid content can lead to an etched surface.

Don’t use scouring creams or powders because they contain abrasives that can scratch the surface of the kitchen granite worktop.

Don’t use cleaners containing acid such as the following: tile cleaners, grout cleaners and bathroom cleaners.

Don’t use cleaners such as soft cleaners or dry cleaners because they are abrasive.

Don’t combine ammonia and bleach because it would create a lethal and toxic gas.

These are just some of the things you need to take note when it comes to granite care and maintenance. By following these simple methods, you will be able to maintain the beauty, luster and shine of your worktop way into the future. Apart from that, your home especially will always be at its best.

Just in case you are wondering, the image at the top of the page is simply buffing discs applied to a small angle grinder. We have included this image to show how this granite polishing method can be utilized to remove the most stubborn surface marks should the Granite care and maintenance tips listed above prove fruitless owing to a long period of surface neglect.

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