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Cost Of Marble Slab Per Square Foot

A marble slab is a large, uniformly cut piece of stone. They are often custom cut to fit the dimensions of your kitchen counter space. Marble tiles are thinner squares that can be used as flooring or backsplashes. This type of stone can be used to create two types of backsplashes: tile and slab.

Slab backsplashes - Installation of a solid stone may require a professional due to the size and weight. It is always the safest option to hire a pro when working with heavy masonry, especially when being applied to walls.

Tile backsplash - If you are going for a bold seamless look a slab is the way to go, if you prefer the look of marble at a lower cost tiles are a budget-friendly option to bring this timeless stone into your kitchen or bath. Installing tile backsplash is a project that a pro or DIY-er can easily accomplish, again a pro is always recommended natural stones .

Cost Of Marble Slab Per Square Foot

Cost Of Marble Slab Per Square Foot

Marble floors are often comprised of tiles instead of slabs because they are easier to install or replace. Floor tiles, like backsplash tiles, are about few dollars per square foot. A slab marble floor costs around few dollars the Cost Of Marble Slab.


Carrara is a white or blue-gray stone with soft gray veins, often with hints of gold. It?s the most common type, making it the most affordable, sold at most countertop vendors for about few dollars is the Cost Of Marble Slab. This is typically found in the regions of Carrara or Tuscany, Italy. It is porous and requires chemical treatment to make it appropriate for kitchen or bathroom applications.


This marble is known for being the most expensive variety, typically sold for about few dollars the round of Cost Of Marble Slab. It has a noticeable contrast between a white base and dark gray veins. It?s also known for its brown and gold undertones. This can only be found in one quarry in Carrara, Italy. It may be difficult to find at a general supplier. Calacatta is moderately porous and requires chemical treatment to make it appropriate for kitchen or bathroom use.


This stone is in the middle ground of pricing, at an average of few dollars per square foot. This is considered the most precious marble found in Italy. The color of its veins ranges from gold to gray. This type can easily be found at a home-masonry supplier. Statuario is another example of a porous material that requires chemical treatment to make it appropriate for your kitchen or bathroom marble countertops near me .


It looks very similar to marbles found in Italy but is often much denser. It costs around few dollars per square foot. The coloring varies from pure white with gray veins to eggshell white and golden-brown veins. This stone also requires chemical treatment to seal it from water but is much less porous than its Italian counterparts.


The cost of a cultured counter or floor option varies across manufacturers but is often much less expensive than natural stone averaging at about few dollars per square foot. Cultured marble is a manufactured stone substitute that is made in molds and is composed of stones, pigments, and resins. 

Before Installation

Measurements are essential and need to be exact before the marble is cut for the Cost Of Marble Slab. If it is improperly cut there could be delays or additional expenses.When planning an installation, your contractor may need to make an initial visit to take measurements of your kitchen and counter space. 

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Waste Removal

It is important to note that there may be some unexpected costs in the removal of an existing countertop or backsplash. You may have to pay a fee to dispose of removed counter. Waste removal costs can vary from state to state but are an important factor to consider when budgeting for your marble project.

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