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Common Mistakes When Buying Stone Worktops

 Stone Worktops

Buying Stone Worktops

Natural buying stone worktops make a beautiful choice for any sexy kitchen and would always add a great value to your home. They are long lasting, durable and are available in many colours to bring luscious and luxury appeal to your kitchen. There are several natural stones in use as a kitchen worktops medium and, each has its unique characteristics. The common mistake most people make when buying natural stone worktops is to think that they are all the same.

Most people will always find it a daunting task to make the right choice in natural stone worktops, but there are some key indicators to understand that will aid in making this choice. You need to understand the strengths and the weakness of every natural stone, and then you will be better positioned to know which one will most apply to your unique requirement.

Marble worktops are one of the most striking and beautiful surfaces in use. It is a legendary material that had been in used throughout the ages to create some striking historical, architectural designs. It is also popularly used as a worktop and a floor covering. The mirror surface of marble is always a notable feature in any room. However, it stands the risk of scratches and light abrasions which may eventually make the surface look dirty and foggy, even when they are freshly cleaned. It also reacts to acids and abrasive chemicals, as a result, it requires hand and mild soaps for cleaning.

Granite with its composition of Quartz, feldspar and other minerals, it is incredibly hard and a very popular natural stone used for decoration and building. It has great durability and most often used in buildings, architecture and monuments. It is also weather, heat, scratches and stains resistant. Granite can withstand etching and other unique treatments better than any other natural stone worktops in the market today.

Slate comprises of fine silts and clays and is found in a range of colours. It offers a very attractive appearance and has an alluring draw for most homeowners, slate is also one of the easiest natural stones to maintain owing to its waterproof nature. It is used to construct pools, roofs, patios, house facades, showers and any other areas vulnerable to water.

Soapstone comes with a warm and soft appeal, which easily blends into most functional decorations. It is highly resistant to stain discolouration and spills. It is very perfect for busy kitchen worktops, floors and tables. To enable thorough cleaning of this material, mineral oil is preferable to the common cleaning materials and can also add a rich and darker tone to the tiles.

Making your final choice for a natural stone worktops will ultimately depend on your understanding of the natural stones unique characteristics, strengths and weaknesses. Also, it will enable you to avoid spending money on a product that would not meet the requirement. When you are conscious of all these you will never make the common mistakes most people make when buying natural stone worktops.

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