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Here are some examples of stone staircases. All of the pictures shown here are of quartz installations but granite and marble stair treads & risers have been installed for thousands of years demonstrating the alternative materials suitability for this task.

In some of the installations shown, note that tile format sizes have been used for the application. In this instance it is necessary to utilise a grout line and install the material in the standard method with a suitable substrate with appropriate adhesive and grout materials.

In other installations, slabs have been cut down to the desired sizes and the treads and risers have been constructed from a singular piece of material. This would be the more expensive option but the longevity of appearance would be increased owing to no discolouration of grout lines that will appear in time in the former example. The most suitable method can only be determined by the clients expectation of the completed projects desired usage period and the budgets allocated.

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Stone Staircase Installations

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