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Granite Worktops Near Me

Granite worktops have been the most popular choice for solid worktops and countertops for as long as stone has been used in this way. The main reason for this is the strength and endurance of the stone, its resistance to scratches and stains, and its non-porous nature. The use of Granite worktops near me for general construction purposes is nothing new, however. Stone workers and designers as far back as the age of Ancient Egypt, and likely before then, have understood the resilience of granite and used it nearly exclusively for many building purposes, including the famous pyramids as well as sarcophagi, columns, and various other stone items.

Consequently, the predominance of granite worktops near in kitchens, laboratories, and other work places can be easily understood. Granite will outlast nearly any other material - natural or synthetic - regardless of the conditions in which it is used. This is primarily due to the crystalline composition of the stone itself. Granite is of the igneous family of rock forms, originating in the crust of the Earth itself. As it is formed from cooled magma, either beneath the planet's surface or on the surface as a result of volcanic flow activity, granite has no internal structure to speak of, other than its crystalline basis. This gives granite a high density and overall mass integrity that is nearly impervious to external marring from sharp edges, such as cutting tools, as well as a resistance to liquid intrusion.

Granite Worktops Near Me

Granite Worktops Near Me 

Another reason granite worktops are so popular, especially in kitchen designs, is the variety of worktops color schemes that naturally occur when the stone is formed. The range of hues available in granite worktops mirror the primary colors from white to black, including red, yellow, green, blue, brown, and grey. The color of the stone will be determined by the area of the world it comes from, as well as the internal structure of the rock itself. Some slabs from which granite worktops are cut will contain more feldspar, or quartz, or other elements that cause a variance in the color. Some colored granite is more rare and is consequently harder to find, as opposed to grey granite, which is so prevalent in most buildings and monuments built in the last two centuries.

These aspects of granite can explain its popularity for home interiors, especially in the kitchen. Not only are granite worktops the most durable and resistant to damage, they are also some of the most attractive, second only to perhaps marble or pure quartz. best Granite worktops near me are especially pleasing to the eye when they are polished, which is a common design characteristic for worktops and countertops in a kitchen. 


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Many home builders and interior installation contractors prefer granite worktops and countertops to those made from other materials, such as wood or epoxy and other synthetic composites. The range of colors that are found in granite can be matched with virtually any interior design scheme, and the natural look of quarried granite adds an elemental beauty to any room it is used in.

Worktops can be used in various places like home or offices but it's mostly used for kitchen surfaces. Worktops can be manufactured from different materials like wood, laminate, marble, granite and others with the price range varying from reasonable to very expensive. The most popular material which is used for worktops is granite. This is because granite has the attributes such as durability, heat resistance, maintenance free, and easily available. So, granite is the most durable material for a worktop and can actually last you a lifetime. There is hardly any maintenance required for a Granite worktops near me and you can easily clean the surface with a soft damp cloth. Granite is normally available in different colors and patterns.

The various colors available can range from black, grey, blue, red and others with each one looking different with the natural grain pattern forming differently in each giving a distinctive look to each one of them. Before you choose the granite, you should first match it with your cabinets and shelves, in general you interior color coding. The granite worktop should blend and be part of the décor rather than standing out due to any mismatch of color or pattern.

Granite worktops offer many advantages, not the least of which is their attractive appearance. Granite is of course a natural stone, and one of the real beauties of having a granite work surface is that it will be entirely unique. No two pieces of granite are ever alike, and having something that is truly a one off in your kitchen is these days something to take pride in.

Granite Worktop Suppliers Near Me

But of course granite is also extraordinarily tough and resilient, which means that it will very often outlive the owner! This clearly means that granite worktops offer a real advantage in terms of making a long-term investment in your home. Finally, because of its resilience and ability to withstand the wear and tear which inevitably takes place in the average kitchen, granite will not easily chip or crack, making it difficult or impossible for mould and bacteria to hide and breed.

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