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Granite Worktop Suppliers Near Me

There are some disadvantages of using granite which you should be aware of before investing in it such as costly option, easily stained and tricky to install. Also, if you are using the granite worktop in the kitchen you should take care that there should not be more of spilling, knife cuts, keeping hot pans to avoid much damage to the surface. But these disadvantages can be easily overcome by the right planning such as you can select a cost efficient granite pattern and you can actually reap the benefits in the long run with no maintenance costs, to dissuade the staining you can select a darker color and pattern and for installation you should always rely on the specialists normally provided by the Granite worktop suppliers near me or recommended by them.

After finalizing on the granite which is required for the worktop, the granite worktops benefits vendor will take the responsibility of cutting the granite slab according to measurements, polishing the surface and rounding of the edges, transporting the slab in one piece to the customer's place and fitting the slab to perfection. The granite slab can be ordered in small pieces or a long one to fit against one wall of the kitchen or joining two long slabs to form an L-shaped worktop. The L shaped worktop is very popular as it gives an adequate amount of space to work on but the only thing to take care is the joints.

Granite Worktop Suppliers Near Me

Granite Worktop Suppliers Near Me 

The joints of where the two slabs meet should be sealed perfectly so that it is leak, damage and chip proof. You can also opt for different shapes such as curves around the corners. Whichever slab and design you choose, finally you can get quotes from the granite vendors in your area and decide on the best according to the quality, service provided and the most cost effective. There are a wide variety of worktops available in the market today and it is a daunting task to decide between the various options available. Granite worktop suppliers near me are among the options and have become the choice of many kitchen design enthusiasts for various reasons.


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First off, granite worktops are made of natural material and have a luminous look. They come in different shades and one can choose the shade that matches their kitchen interiors, but since it is a natural material, one might not be able to find an exact shade or color. The finish of the granite can be gloss or matte. Another important reason for people to choose granite is its durability and easy maintenance. A normal cleaning sponge with warm water suffices. Do not use abrasive materials for cleaning, alkaline (lemon juice, vinegar) and chlorine based bleaches should be avoided to prevent damage.

Granite worktops are also highly resistant to heat as well as water. Though they don't stain easily, special care needs to be taken for a matte finished granite worktop. Also certain liquids like tea, coffee, and red wine do stain them and so it is a good idea to wipe off any spills immediately. For those who want complete stain proofing, it is a good idea to go for a surface sealer, but these surface sealers do need regular reapplication.

A great advantage of a granite worktop is that you can use it right away for chopping, kneading dough and food preparation. They are scratch-proof but are also likely to make a kitchen knife blunt faster than usual. Since granite is cool, it is perfect for making pastry and dough. Granite worktops can be shaped to include sinks and grooves for drainage. That gives a great smooth look to the worktop as a whole. Granite is resistant to bacterial contamination and that makes the worktops really sanitary.

Granite Worktops Near Me

Considering the durability this can be justified to some extent, but it also depends on how deep the purchaser's pocket is and it is purely a personal choice. Another point to be considered is that granite worktops near can chip when hit hard by a hard, sharp object, and chips are relatively difficult to repair. It is very difficult to find a matching piece to repair damages and in that case one would be forced to change the whole worktop.

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