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Granite Or Marble Which Is Better

There are few more important decisions you will make when it comes to kitchen remodeling than whether to choose Granite Or Marble Which Is Better countertops. Your countertops make a huge visual impact on your kitchen, but they also are the primarily surface on which you'll be doing all of your preparations and cooking. It's important you take both the practical and visual elements of each material into account when making your decision between the two.

Durability & Maintenance 

Granite Or Marble Which Is Better

Granite Or Marble Which Is Better

For many people, granite is a considerably more durable material for countertops than marble. For the most part granite will stay pristine no matter what you do to it. Granite won't stain, it won't scratch or chip, and it doesn't take stains.On the other hand, marble requires a lot more TLC to stay in top condition. If you don't properly care for it, marble is liable to stain and show regular wear & tear- and it can even dull down over time. Liquids, whether water based or oil based, are able to stain marble due to its molecular composition. However, applying a sealant to your marble countertop provides you with a much longer window for cleaning before you have to worry about permanent staining.From all these thing it is even more difficult to judge and decide that Granite Or Marble Which Is Better.

Dulling, on the other hand, is all but unavoidable on your marble countertop unless you are extremely strict about what cooking materials land on it. Acids, such as vinegar and citric juices, will burn into your countertop as soon as they touch it and leave dull marks where they fell.While keeping your marble countertops in top condition is not impossible, it requires a higher level of fastidiousness than granite countertops require.


Taking into consideration the above notes from choosing Granite Or Marble Which Is Better, granite countertops stay looking fresh and new with less upkeep and for longer than marble countertops. In fact, a granite countertop is likely to continue looking fresh and brand new for as long as you have it. Even the best maintained marble countertop will show its age over the years Granite countertops near me .

However, marble presents a classical and warm visual impact that granite will never provide. While granite countertops go well with colder kitchen themes (such as industrial style kitchens) marble countertops bring a warm old-world ambiance to any kitchen that features them. Marble is the traditional material used in many kitchens especially , and will always provide a suitably classic air to your home laminated plywood .


Lets decide Granite Or Marble Which Is Better in terms of cost.Neither granite nor marble are particularly cheap materials for your countertops, and prices of up to one hundred dollars per square foot are not unheard of for both when installation is included in the price. While the cost of granite or marble depend on where you live, they usually cost about the same, so cost shouldn't be a consideration when choosing between the two.While marble is more likely to cost a bit more than granite when there is a difference, this price difference is usually negligible.

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Making the Choice Simple

Making the choice between Granite Or Marble Which Is Better for your countertops almost always comes down to how much time and care you are willing to spend maintaining your cleaning. If you are willing to provide it with the extra TLC that it deserves, than marble tends to be the preferred choice among kitchen remodelers. However if you want something that will look as good in ten years as it does the day you install it with minimal fuss, than granite is the obvious choice.When properly cared for under normal conditions, granite is easier to care for and is resistant to staining, chemicals, heat, and fracturing. Granite is available in more colors and patterns and can be custom ordered for less than marble.

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