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Granite Flooring Cost Per Square Foot

Granite is a stunning-looking natural stone that polishes and finishes well, and is available in a variety of colors. Granite flooring is generally available in square tiles, typically 12-24 inches wide and about 3/8 inches thick. Because it's relatively not so expensive, granite is often installed in smaller areas, such as in a foyer or front hallway to give a home an impressive entrance area. If you are thinking that granite is expensive then don't worry because granite flooring cost per square foot so it will definitely suits to your budget.

Granite is naturally unique, and they add value to any home. Granite offers other benefits as well, including:

* Various color and pattern options

* Heat, scratch, dent and chemical resistance

* Durability 

Granite Flooring Cost Per Square Foot

Granite Flooring Cost Per Square Foot

Granite was expensive when it first came onto the market, but it has become more affordable in recent years. Nowadays, you can even add bevel, radius and square edging to granite countertops for a reasonable price. Granite is rated the best natural stone countertop material because it is less expensive and easier to repair than other natural stone countertop materials. Quartz is a close second, but its higher cost makes it a less attractive option for homeowners. 

Granite come in two types of material: slab and tile. The type best suited for your project will depend on the square footage you need to cover, the number of seams you're willing to show and the amount of money you're willing to invest. Granite slab cover a large amount of counter space and show fewer seams kinds of quartz worktops

The largest slab available is seven feet long, so you'll need more than one slab if your counter is longer than seven feet. Granite slab is very heavy; therefore, installation is not a tough project. Granite tiles will make your house more appealing for resale without costing thousands of dollars.

With tiles, you will not have to remove the old countertop, but you'll have a lot of seams requiring grout in between. A third option is modular granite. Also known as "mini-slabs," modular granite produces fewer seams because the slabs are larger than tiles but smaller than traditional slabs. Installation is potentially a tough job; however, it will take at least two people. This is because, like slab granite, modular marble countertops near me is heavy.

More about granite flooring cost per square foot

There are several types of finish available for granite flooring. Polished granite has a shiny surface and works best for low traffic areas. Honed granite has a matte finish and works well for high traffic or commercial settings. Brushed granite is textured and works best for outdoors. Flamed granite is also textured and can work for indoor or outdoor flooring.

When preparing to install granite tiles, it is important to allow them to adjust to the interior temperature of the home. Granite can change color slightly with temperature variations and this will allow you to verify that the tiles are the correct color for the room where they will be placed.

Benefits that you may found with granite flooring cost per square foot 

* Highly durable and stand up to years of foot traffic without losing original color
* Not easily subject to shifting, buckling or cracking, even in changing weather
* Resistant to wear, scratches and chipping
* Heat-resistant, making them a good choice for areas that get a lot of sun
* Fireproof and able to withstand the high temperatures in fire pits
* Non-slip when purchased with a natural finish; safe for use around pools
* Easy to maintain when properly installed and sealed
* Aesthetically pleasing

The various colors available can range from black, grey, blue, red and others with each one looking different with the natural grain pattern forming differently in each giving a distinctive look to each one of them. Before you choose the granite, you should first match it with your cabinets and shelves, in general you interior color coding. The granite should blend and be part of the décor rather than standing out due to any mismatch of color or  granite worktops near me  pattern.

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Natural granite is made from treated igneous rock that presents an attractive blend of minerals and a crystalline texture. The price of natural granite slabs could be considerably not so high based on their origin, appearance, and treatment. A higher concentration of natural quartz may also result in higher pricing.

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