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Composite Worktops Prices

Composite worktops are slightly porous and therefore they are susceptible to staining and the only way to remove that staining is by rubbing the surface down a little with abrasive papers again. Something you'd never have to do with laminate worktops as they are completely stain resistant.

Granite and Marble worktops can look fantastic and the composite worktops prices of them have been tumbling now for quite some time. The trouble is that they are a natural product and you can never be quite sure of exactly what you are going to get. With laminate worktops the pattern is predictable even if some of the patterns are only reproduced every metre or so along the length of the worktop.

Granite and Marble worktops are also porous and have to be sealed against staining ~ there is a tendency for the sealing to wear down and even wear off as time goes by. Granite and Marble worktops are also extremely heavy ~ this makes installation a specialist job and it is impossible to cut a little bit off here and there to get the exact fit required ~ this again is never a problem when installing laminate worktops.

 Composite Worktops Prices

Composite Worktops Prices

Stainless Steel worktops can look fantastic when new but soon dull down as a myriad of scratches occur ~ this is unavoidable and eventually the worktops acquire certain sheen. Stainless Steel worktops, though, cannot be cut to size on site and that is a disadvantage. Cost is also an issue with Stainless Steel worktops costing much more than laminates worktops.

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Glass worktops are also offered these days and there are some fabulous finishes available though they have to be made exactly to size off site and cannot be trimmed to size on site. Glass worktops are prone to scratching and thermal shock is not unknown either, laminate worktops are thus again a better and more economical choice here too. Concrete worktops are also available but who would want to buy or use this option when there are concrete look-a-likes in laminate worktops?

Thus you would be well advised to think carefully how your worktops might look two or three years down the line and also consider the cost benefits of laminate worktops over the alternatives. Many homeowners today are increasingly opting for wooden countertops for their contemporary and traditional kitchens. For instance, a beech worktop can enhance the existing decor in both modern and period homes. Below are some more tips to guide you when selecting your wooden worktops for your home.

Natural rock worktops have a deep shine and beauty that is very hard to beat. At Granite Concepts we use only granite natural rock, as we find other natural materials inferior from the point of view of beauty, ruggedness and stain resistance. The different colors of the granite reflect where it was quarried, and we source our granite from all over the world, notably Spain and Brazil where trace pigments give the granite it's desired sheen, pattern and color. The minor variations in the rock just add to it's beauty; it's intricate never-repeating pattern is the ultimate in luxury, and surprisingly affordable, especially considering the value it adds to your property.

Granite is also very tough stuff. It is the second hardest rock found on the planet (only diamond is harder!) and has a better impact resistance than stainless steel! With just a little care a granite worktop will outlast even your house. Corian is a 100% synthetic material from Dupont, and in case you are interested in such things it is composed of acrylic polymer and alumina trihydrate. Corian, being man-made, is almost impervious to staining. It simply does not absorb any water! This makes it more hygienic too, as bacteria can be easily wiped from the surface.

Composite materials (we refer to them as Quartz) are a mixture of crushed granite and resin. They have the advantages of possessing the allure of natural stone and the hard wear qualities of man-made materials - and at very attractive worktops prices near me too. There are several major manufacturers, and an enormous choice of finishes and colors. Even though it doesn't quite have the snob value of natural granite, quartz is in many respects the ideal kitchen worktop material, giving you the benefits of beauty, longevity and composite worktops prices near me.

The kitchen is the focal point in most homes where the entire household can come together to prepare or share a meal, and indulge in the all-important quality time as a family. Kitchen worktops are a feature in any kitchen which is key in any home improvement project. It is possible to get good worktops with almost any size of renovation budget, along with the colors, styles, finishing and fitting options that match your personal preferences.

Worktops for multipurpose uses :-

When it comes to choosing the right wooden worktop for your home, you may choose from various species of hardwood trees including the traditional favorites such as oak, beech, walnut, maple, ash and sycamore, as there is a wooden worktop to suit virtually every kitchen style. For a more exotic feel in your home, you may instead opt for exotic woods such as iroko, wenge, zebrano, cherry, teak and elm.

This wide selection of kitchen worktop woods translates to a wider range of colors, textures and grain patterns to choose from as well. As such, you are able to find the right solid wood worktop which will complete the existing decor in your home, as well as fit in well with your personal style. Of course the type of wood you opt for will also affect the cost of your worktops.

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There are many advantages to opting for the wooden kitchen worktops. First of all, because wood is a natural product, it produces antibacterial agents which make it hygienic and ideal to use in food preparation areas. It is also relatively easy to shape and install hardwood worktops in your kitchen. In addition, these worktops are very durable and tend to last a long time when properly maintained.

If anything, wood worktops tend to look better with age, which makes them a big favorite amongst home owners. What's more, compared to other durable countertop surfaces such as composite and granite, wood is relatively more affordable and lightweight, which makes the material ideal for use on virtually any type of unit.

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