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Compac Carrara Quartz Price

Compac Carrara Quartz  is manufactured to have exceptional resistance and the appearance and feel of natural quartz but with the added advantage of greater performance. It is available in an extensive range of colours, designs, sizes, thicknesses and finishes so is the ideal choice for kitchen worktops – particularly if they have to withstand intensive use.It is important to know about Compac Carrara Quartz Price.

Carrara Compac Quartz is a resistant and elegant product of extremely high quality, with a most attractive appearance and perfect finishes, which offers countless possibilities for interior design. It is the ideal choice for countertops and floors in kitchens and bathrooms, as well as for high traffic areas which affects Compac Carrara Quartz Price sanders .

Compac Carrara Quartz Price

Compac Carrara Quartz Price

What is Compac?Compac worktops are engineered to combine genuine quartz granulates and high quality resin, with a wide variety of particles and other pigments to generate a wide-ranging colours and textures. These worktops are available in 20mm, 30mm and 50 mm in thickness.These worktops are characterized by extreme stability, which can only be surpassed by diamond, topaz, and sapphire. It is almost impossible to leave a stain on these countertops for it has an extremely low absorption rate.

Compac composite worktops are moisture and stain resistant, in addition to being resilient to cracks, chips, scratches and even extreme temperatures.These long-lasting qualities, combined with gorgeous colours and finishes, make these worktops the seamless choice for bars, bathrooms, and kitchens in both commercial and residential settings.The broad selection of elegant finishes and colours allows for Compac worktops to be utilized within any kitchen setting, whether the scheme happens to be traditional, contemporary, modern, rustic or minimalist marble countertops near me .

Compac Worktop Colours and FinishesIt is available in 72 striking finishes and colours ranging from whites, creams, pinks, to blues, greens, purples, greys, blacks and many more.Textures vary from grainy effects through pure colours, and worktops including pebble, glass, quartz and other fragments of different sizes. With affordable Compac Carrara Quartz Price its worktops are also obtainable in bold marble-effect finishes like Emperador or Coralito.


  • Amazingly realistic marble effect range
  • Paint-Like Palette
  • Marble Composite Range for Bathrooms

The range of textures and colours in this specific countertop is available in matt, polished, and honed finishes. This variety makes it easier to find a Compac finish that would blend with any style, design, and colour scheme, including these choices: Kenya, Azabache, Titaneo, and Lactea.

Carrara Quartz Compac is a versatile material that increases the possible applications of marble, making it possible to create new homogeneous colours in a wide range of formats and decorative pieces which increases Compac Carrara Quartz Price.This elegant product of exceptional hardness and resistance to impact is ideal both for areas that have to withstand intense foot traffic as well as for household environments. Its minimal absorption, ease of cleaning and low maintenance make it a highly recommendable choice for bathrooms or kitchens, as it is extremely resistant to abrasion, acids, oils.

Cost Factors to be taken into consideration

  • The thickness of the sheets of marble – a thicker measurement means a higher price;
  • The hue of the marble;
  • The number of veins within the material;
  • The design you go for – obviously if you go for something a little more involved, e.g. a brighter colour or a certain effect, e.g. glitter, then your price tag will increase quite a lot compared to the basic price;

Carrara Marble Worktops

Compac quartz is unlike many other materials used for kitchen worktops in that it is man made. Many other worktops are made from marble, granite, and so on which are quarried in huge slabs and then cut down to the appropriate thickness for a worktop.Thickness os the sheets of marble highly effects Compac Carrara Quartz Price so choose wisely according to your needs.Compac Carrara Quartz Price range is affordable and is perfect for a kitchen worktop and the company have a range of marble composites which is ideal for bathrooms and flooring. Visit our website for detailed info.

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