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Cimstone Worktops

Cimstone’s worktops have a high scratch and abrasion resistance. In contrast to many natural stones which have a micro porous structure quartz is virtually impenetrable so it makes it a very hygienic surface to use for food preparation areas. There is lots of activity in the kitchen with numerous utensils being used and dropped but these worktops and able to withstand the rough treatment they may receive in the busiest of kitchens and bathrooms. This igneous rock has also recently become popular for use as floorings and splash backs.

The cream Cimstone worktops coordinate well with the blue units and bring a light, summery feel into the whole room. Cimstone has been used by craftsmen for thousands of years in glorious building such as palaces and stately homes, but only recently has this product become increasingly popular due to modern techniques making it more affordable to use in homes. Cimstone is the obvious choice for worktops and other home use because of its durability and being able to maintain its appearance without maintenance or deterioration.

Cimstone Worktops

Cimstone Worktops

We decided to compliment the units with Quartz worktops from Affordable Cimstone. The warm white of the quartz coordinates with the white walls and polished porcelain white floor tiles. Although Cimstone is extremely easy to keep clean and maintain, it should not be rubbed down with abrasive materials (such as scouring detergents wire wool, metal pads and alkaline and chlorine based cleaners or bleach), it should also not be hit with blunt or heavy objects as it can crack, chip and even break  natural stones .

Affordable Cimstone were very professional and efficient throughout the whole process. They went as far as hand delivering samples free of charge and were able to provide our worktop within our short deadline. A great team, a great company and a great worktop an absolute pleasure. We would have no hesitations in recommending Affordable Cimstone.  The best way to look after and protect your Cimstone worktop is to use clean warm water with a light neutral detergent, and rinse with clean warm water and a dry chamois leather or similar type of cloth marble countertops near me .

Affordable Cimstone is delighted to be able to offer quartz solid surface worktops

Quartz worktops are an extremely durable surface like Cimstone. As they are a manufactured solid surface they have a uniformity and consistency of color and pattern that you cannot achieve with Cimstone, which is prized for its natural beauty. Cimstone worktops are renowned for being both durable and hygienic (as it is easily sterilised). Other features include its toughness, glassy finish when polished and the fact that it will last for many years, and is extremely easy to look after.

Due to the fact that quartz worktops contain a small percentage of resin and that they are man-made, purer lighter colors can also be achieved. A pure white is available in the quartz ranges that is almost impossible to achieve in a natural stone worktop. The blending of this rock is very important for kitchen designs as it needs to match other colors within the kitchen as well as looking elegant but as there are so many different colors of this rock it will never be a problem.

Quartz Worktops For All Tastes & Budgets

As well as allowing the production of very pure, smooth pattern less materials, vibrant colours can also be achieved with quartz. A range of strong hues are available including amazing pink surfaces from pale flamingo to stunning fuchsia, pacific blue, apple and lime green. Silver, where mirror flecks are added to black and other colours creates a stunning contemporary style. Cimstone is made from igneous rock formed from cooling magma. Each individual slab is uniquely patterned with inconsistent pattern which provides a striking appearance. Cimstone worktops are waterproof, stain-resistant and pretty much scratch proof. They are very durable meaning they are able to sustain wear and tear over many years granite worktops near me .

Granite Flooring Cost Per Square Foot

We are always glad to fit worktops in our area. This installation gave us particular satisfaction, because of the customer’s own attention to detail and quality; we were very pleased to be part of the excellent overall result. It is also highly scratch and heat resistant, it keeps its colour and it is easy to keep clean with just a wipe over. That is why it is the No 1 choice for both kitchens and bathrooms. This type of worktop can help to redefine limited space as it extremely versatile and can be shaped into most designs.

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