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Cimstone Slab Size

Discover our wide range of Cimstone worktops & countertops colours that can suit to any kitchen or bathroom surface style. Quality at Cimstone means absolute customer satisfaction in product, price, servicing and delivery. Therefore, you can easily make slicing or cutting on a Cimstone countertop without using a bread/chopping board. You can make use of the whole countertop as a working area when preparing food.

Please feel free to contact us for advice and price details for any cimstone slab size worktop project. Ranked among the leading quartz-based composite stone producers of the world Cimstone slab size produces durable surfacing materials perfect for kitchen worktops. Cimstone has a high scratch and abrasion resistance; it is not scratched by metal implements or any other similar objects. 

Cimstone Slab Size

With many years of experience in the business, you can rely on our knowledge and expertise to install Cimstone Quartz Worktops and Countertops with ease. When we visit you, our team will discuss your requirements in detail and install a countertop that will appeal to your sense of style. With superior and long-lasting quality, Cimstone is a great choice for your kitchen or bathroom surface. Please get in touch today for free expert advice.

Cimstone worktops are produced by merging 93% genuine quartz granulates which were extracted from major locations around the globe, with a polyester type of resin. The wide-ranging collection offers elegant and stylish finishes that will complement any kitchen design, from minimalist, traditional to contemporary and modern. Colours and textures and completed by adding pebble, quartz, glass and other fragments in different shapes, colours and sizes to the base of cimstone slab size.

Take a look through some of the colours and styles available in the Cimstone range

Cimstone quartz has 93% quartz content.  marble countertops near me have a high scratch and abrasion resistance. If You compare with natural stones which have a micro porous structure, quartz is impenetrable. it makes it a very hygienic surface. Cimstone quartz comes in 24 colours. They are a company that have gained their popularity by supplying its customers with only the highest quality Quartz and granite worktops  and counter tops from Cimstone are no exception.

Among the many different kinds of materials to choose for your worktop surface, granite is one of the most sought-after materials because of its many positive qualities. Granite is a naturally-occurring substance, meaning it is produced in abundance on the planet. Its use is widespread, and you can find it on everything from pavements to kitchen worktops. If you are convinced that granite is the material you need for your kitchen worktop, here are more reasons why it is simply the best.

Next to quartz and diamonds, granite is one of the hardest natural substances known to man. This makes it a valuable asset to homeowners who are looking for a heavy-duty worktop surface that can withstand the impact of everyday kitchen traffic, such as scratches, especially when it comes to activities like chopping your food. While you CAN chop your food directly on a granite work surface, it's always best to preserve the beauty of your worktop by using a chopping board. In addition, granite worktops are also known to withstand very high temperatures, so you can lay hot pots and pans on the surface without incurring major damage to your kitchen countertops .

Since it is a naturally-occurring substance, no two granite worktops will ever be the same. Depending on the area it is mined from, granite contains intricate vein patterns, specks, pitting and swirls that are a product of the various minerals present in the area. The most common colors of granite are black and gray, but you can also find blue, green and brown shades of granite available on the market. Cimstone slab size is a classic choice that is favored by many people because of the timeless and elegant look it can provide to your kitchen.

First things first: quality granite does not come cheap. However, it is precisely this investment that will assure you that your worktop, with a little bit of care, will last a lifetime. Should you happen to sell your home in the future, having a granite worktops near me will increase your home's resale value by a significant amount. Granite can be a rewarding addition to anyone's kitchen and these are just some of the reasons why you should look into investing in a granite kitchen worktop. 

Cimstone Quartz Colours

A properly chosen and fitted worktop can make all the difference to your kitchen - like no other room a kitchen has to be efficient, clean, functional and at the same time is probably the one people use to judge you the most. So, let's put some effort into some ideas to make it look stylish, with no compromise over its cleanliness or efficiency. We hope these factors will help you decide whether you want a granite kitchen worktop for your home.

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