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Cimstone Prices

Coloured with pigments, Cimstone can have special effects by the use of additives such as pieces of mirror, glass, seashell, brass rasping and basalt providing for a totally different, distinctive outlook accompanying to the changing notion of kitchen and modern designs of our times in contrast to the common use of ordinary surfacing materials.

Quartz offers Cimstone worktops an unparalled strength and durability whereby the magic of toughness produced by quartz can’t be easily disturbed. We are approved fabricators and suppliers of the full range of Cimstone Quartz Worktop materials. Cimstone prices offers cimstone an unparalled strength and durability whereby the magic of toughness produced by quartz can’t be easily disturbed.

Cimstone Prices

Cimstone Prices

Counter tops crafted from Cimstone are so sort after because of the unique way this material is created. Unlike most other Quartz work tops which are made from specially engineered quartz, work tops by Cimstone are crafted from 93% natural quartz and the other 7% is made from polyester, because the hardness level of natural quartz is so high, it measures a 7 on the Moh scale which means it is twice as hard as granite. It is considered a natural material which means Cimstone counter tops have ‘unparalled strength and durability’ compared to counter tops that are crafted from engineered  laminated plywood .

The availability of Cimstone worktops is another feature which makes them so popular, unlike granite and marble Cimstone Quartz worktops are not as limited to natural reserves which means they are produced on a larger scale and are available from Granite in many different colours and designs, so you will always be able to find a stunning Cimstone quartz worktop to suit your kitchen regardless of its style.

So, searching for a beautifully dynamic yet hard wearing and versatile counter top has never been easier,  marble countertops near me are available at Granite who are guaranteed to help you pick out, deliver and install your stunning new Quartz counter tops giving you the kitchen you have always dreamed of.

When people want to remodel their houses or construct a new home, one of the important considerations that need to be planned is the kitchen countertops or the kitchen worktops. The kitchen worktop is the place where most of the cooking activity and its support activities will take place. Kitchen worktops can be made from different materials - from lightweight wood laminates and heavy duty granite and quartz. As the kitchen worktops are available in various designs and materials, selecting a particular kitchen top are going to be a tough task for the home owner.

One of the main factors that affect the selection of the kitchen countertop is the budget that is available to spend on it. Home owners have to arrive at an amount that can be made ready before taking the decision. There are basically four types of kitchen worktops that are available for the home owner to choose from. These are wood, granite, polymer and quartz. Each material comes in different cimstone prices ranges and has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Of the four types, the most commonly used kitchen tops are wood and granite. Granite is one of the hardest substances available in nature and is perfectly suitable for a kitchen top. Its durability, extreme heat resistant and resistance to wear and tear make it an ideal choice for the kitchen countertop. The cost of the granite kitchen top is not extortionate and is affordable on a medium budget. Granite comes in a variety of dark colors and designs, however not many light colors are available in granite.

Wood is another natural material that is extremely popular as a kitchen countertop. Though not as durable or strong as granite, it makes up with its color and design range, which cannot be matched in granite. These wooden tops are made of a hard wood such as oak and give a countryside kitchen look to your home.

Cimstone Quartz Colours

But even a hard wood cannot withstand very high temperatures. Polymer countertops are not really recommended as they don't give value for money, though they can certainly afford a polished and modern look to a kitchen. Quartz is similar to granite in many respects - it is extremely durable and heat resistant. Although it can be very pretty, the cost of quartz can sometimes be even higher than that of granite, and a granite worktops near me is more liable to crack that a granite worktop.

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