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Carrara Marble Slab Price Per Square Foot

Marble counters are simply timeless and have tremendous durability. In fact, to say that it is durable is an understatement. Marble has been used for centuries as both a countertop and flooring material. Marble is usually cheaper than many other stone countertop options, it brightens kitchens, it is easy to clean and it is great for baking.lets know how much does Carrara Marble Slab Price Per Square Foot is to understand it better. Continue reading to see all the costs that come with White Carrara Marble Price Per Square Foot . As always, if you're thinking of changing your countertops,We have countertop pros ready to chat about your project!

Cost Factors Of Marble Countertops

While the actual cost of the White Carrara Marble Price Per Square Foot  will take up a majority of your marble countertop installation cost, there are of course other factors you should consider before embarking on such a project. Knowing each and every price factor will help you lower your marble cost per square foot.

Carrara Marble Slab Price Per Square Foot

Carrara Marble Slab Price Per Square Foot

Material: Needless to say, as you saw above, your countertop price will largely fluctuate based on the chosen material. If you go with marble, the type of marble can affect the final cost. For example, White Carrara Marble Price Per Square Foot  is much less expensive than Calcutta.

Installation: Full slabs are always cheaper to install than smaller pieces. Larger pieces, while heavier, take much less time to install. In fact, some countertops require on-site assembly. This of course adds time, which adds money to your final countertop bill kitchen countertops .

Countertop Design: Perfect squares or rectangles are easier to install than intricate shapes. Simple shapes not only make it easier to cut, but easier to install.

Colors: While you have numerous options when it comes to marble countertop colors, some homeowners opt for custom colors which increases Carrara Marble Slab Price Per Square Foot project cost. If so, expect your marble countertop cost to rise fast.

Thickness: Marbles comes in three different thicknesses and as you’ll read later on, the thicker your marble, the most expensive it will be.

Extras: There are always smaller, hidden costs to any home remodeling project. When it comes to counters, you have to consider removing the old countertops, sink cut-outs, finishes and backsplashes. Doing anything more than the ordinary will raise your White Carrara Marble Price Per Square Foot project cost.

Marble Counter Types

Within that Few dollars price range are a few different types of marble. Knowing the common characteristics, pros, cons and prices of each will surely help you determine the right type of marble for your counters with affordable Carrara Marble Slab Price Per Square Foot.

Carrara Marble

Carrara marble is by far the most common type of marble and, as previously mentioned, is usually the least expensive. Basic White Carrara is very affordable in most cases. Carrara marble's availability keeps its cost down marble countertops near me .

Calcutta Marble

Calcutta marble is the most expensive. Typically, Calcutta has a more dramatic contrast between the white color and the larger, bolder veining. Carrara has more of an overall gray shade with softer veining. Both Calcutta and Carrara come in gold varieties that have tinges of gold throughout.

Statuario Marble

Statuario is perhaps the most precious marble of them all. Compared to Calcutta and Carrara, it has distinctive veining colors that range from gold to gray. Statuario falls in the middle of the price range. Other popular types of marble include Danby, Black Wood, Scandalous and Atlantis Grey.

Marble Counter Soundness

Cimstone Quartz Colours

Marble is classified for soundness from A to D. Soundness is related to the appearance of the marble and how much of it was repaired at a factory before installation. An A rating means that the marble had very few flaws and more subtle veining. B ratings mean few flaws overall, but the marble may contain fissures or visible pitting. C ratings mean the material has some flaws that will be factory repaired, but the repaired areas may be visible. D ratings come as a result of many factory repaired flaws, but may also have bright colors and dramatic veins and swirls.So consider wisely the Carrara Marble Slab Price Per Square Foot and then decide to avoid any future inconvinence.

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