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Care And Maintenance Of Kitchen Worktops

 Kitchen Worktops

Care And Maintenance Of Kitchen Worktops

To ensure durability and proper hygiene of kitchen worktops, the appropriate care and maintenance of kitchen worktops should be of the utmost paramount importance. Cleaning and maintaining kitchen worktops on a daily basis is particularly vital if you want to prevent food contamination and other bacterial actions. It is worthy to note that the care and maintenance of a worktop depends on the material used in the production as the cleaning requirements vary from one material to another with some requiring easy cleaning and others intense cleaning. For example, a kitchen worktop made of wood requires a different maintenance from a worktop that is made from granite or marble.

A Granite Worktop in the kitchen needs a daily thorough cleaning with luke warm soapy water and a soft and dry towel to wipe the surface. Wiping off any spillage off granite worktop after cooking can be more effectively done with a damp cloth. Granite work surfaces are not good to be used as cutting surfaces because they are prone to chipping. To prevent this situation, it is best to make use of a chopping board. Granite worktops do not also need to be exposed to excess heat.

Stainless steel is another kitchen worktop material that is easy to care and maintain. A microfiber can easily and quickly be used to wipe off any food spillage. If you need a damp cleaning of your stainless steel kitchen worktop, dip a soft towel into a mild cleaning solution and use it to wipe off any food spill from the surface. There are also specially made stainless cleaning solutions available in the market. These special solutions have the capacity of removing smudges and fingerprints from stainless steel work surfaces leaving it absolutely clean and sparkling.

Marble kitchen worktops can be very easy to clean and maintain with a damp sponge and a mild cleaning formulation. In other not to lose a marble worktops shining appearance, it is important to stick with the manufacturers cleaning guidelines. Hygienically cleaning and maintenance of marble worktops, there is a need to constantly use a cleaner that is PH neutral made specially for cleaning and maintaining marble work surfaces. This will definitely keep your marble work surfaces sanitary and shining.

How to clean kitchen worktops might seem very easy, but this is not the case with hardwood kitchen worktops. The task of cleaning hardwood kitchen worktops can be a bit challenging, but the ideal and the best way to care and maintain these work surface are to clean them with a damp microfiber soaked with warm soapy water. To remove any food stain from hardwood work surface, you will need to massage the spot with lemon juice. In case of nicks and scratches, gently sand down the affected area and apply a coat of Danish oil.

To maintain your hardwood worktops, you always need to restore its finish and make it look new by applying oil on it at least once a month. Remember, most of the kitchen worktops require a basic day to day attention to enhance its beauty and durability though a few kitchen worktops require specific cleaning and maintenance requirements to ensure they meet their specifications.


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