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Caesarstone The Premium Quartz Brand


Caesarstone The Premium Quartz Brand

Caesarstone the premium quartz brand is an artificially man-made stone consisting of 93% quartz and 7% pigments including polymer resins. It a fine polished and processed glossy and shinny stone, which is because of the presence of natural quartz in the stone composition. It is most times harder than its natural stone counterpart, granite and marble. Granite and marble have been the most popularly utilised stone worktop options, especially for kitchens. Caesarstone is preferable to these natural stone worktops because its safer and is more durable. Caesarstone is almost 17 times less porous than its granite and marble counterparts. This makes it more resistant to staining and scratching and it is also easier to clean and maintain with standard household cleaning products. This man-made stone is the ideal solution for kitchen wet areas because of its resistance to heat, mold and mildew, which is common to sink.

Caesarstone is only available in a quite few beautiful colours, designs and textures. With the few beautiful colours, Caesarstone can easily be incorporated into any desired kitchen pattern and decoration whether it is traditional or modern. Kitchen worktops can easily create a contrasting feature for every home, and Caesarstone kitchen worktops are one of the most accepted stones for kitchen worktops in most suburban homes.

Thinking of renovating your kitchen or just giving your kitchen worktops a makeover, you need a material that is not only good looking, but functional, long lasting, and also within your budget. A beautiful kitchen is an important factor to every home owner, which is why the kitchen is oftentimes called the 'heart of the home'. It is a fact that every meal is prepared in the kitchen, ranging from the on the go breakfast to the sumptuous dinner collections to call out to every willing appetite within their different spaces in the home. A perfect alternative to natural stones like marble and granite is Caesarstone ; if you have not yet thought in that line, consider all that it has to offer.

• CaesarStone is stronger than its natural stone counterparts such as marbles and granite, safer, more durable, easier to cleaner and maintain, and more consistent.

• They are mixed in a ratio of 93% quartz aggregates to 7% pigments and polymer resins which makes it extremely shinny and glossy and sometimes very hard.

• Because of its less porosity than granite, CaesarStone is highly resistant to stain and scratch. Caesarstone has a smooth surface that does not need to be sealed before it can shine. It does not also require any annual maintenance and any household product can be used to wipe or clean its surface.

• All Caesarstone work surfaces have a minimum of 10 year limited warranty.

• Caesarstone is a perfect solution for kitchen sink surroundings and wet areas, and it is your best bet for kitchen splashbacks because of its high resistance to mould and mildew.

If you are dwelling upon using the services of a kitchen worktop and splashback specialists for your kitchen designs or makeover, remind them to consider a long lasting, tough and smooth stone like Caesarstone.


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