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All You Should Know About Silestone



Silestone as a perfect combination of easy care and beauty is a natural quartz stone surface made for the decoration of modern kitchens and bathrooms. Silestone has a wide range of attractive colours with extraordinary textures in an apex performance in quality. Silestone worktops are the only worktop with an anti-bacterial protection. This attribute is a guarantee for a maximum hygiene on the surfaces. Silestone surface is so hard that only sapphires and diamonds can favorably compete with it hardness. Silestone, unlike other of its stone worktops, is densely textured with a non-porous nomenclature, which means, that it does not need sealing or polishing.

Since this stone is made from natural quartz, its surface is highly resistance to scratches and stains with a very low-level of absorption of fluids. Because of its wide range of colours, different textures and formats, this stone is highly versatile, and its use can be in large pieces without having to join it. There are so many benefits attached to using Silestone, which is why it is fast becoming discerning consumers' surface choice because of these top reasons.

Natural Beauty

Silestone is extremely elegant and has the stunning beauty that can only be compared to natural stones like diamonds or quartz. The natural quartz present in Silestone gives it a distinct depth, glimmering radiance and brilliant clarity, which is only peculiar to natural stones.


This stone is highly useful in any form of the interior surface beautification such as kitchen worktops, bathroom surfaces and surroundings, different forms of the tub and shower surfaces, floors tabletops, panels, walls and many more surroundings.

Resistance to scratch

In the Mohs hardness scale, only three natural stones are higher in hardness than Silestone. With Silestone on the scale of seven and diamond on the scale of 10 with sapphire and topaz following, Silestone has a natural resistance to scratch because of its high quartz concentration. Other worktops can easily be scratched by a little slip of the blade, but such will not make any difference on Silestone. Nevertheless, Silestone should be treated with care as much pressure can also cause damage on it.


Silestone has a non-porous surface with high stain resistance from any form of material such as wine, lemon juice coffee, or any other household products, and it does not require sealing to maintain its glittering surface, unlike, other natural stones.

Resistance to heat

Unlike its counterpart laminates and other mineral surfaces, Silestone has a high resistance to heat and scorch. It has the capacity to withstand exposure to intense heat without burning or even scorching. Though the fire from a lit match will not mar a Silestone surface, but it is advised that trivets are used when placing hot objects on a Silestone surface in order to avoid thermal shock.


During transportation or installation, Silestone is not as susceptible to cracking as granite and other stones because of its high flexural strength.

Free or Easy Maintenance

Because of its non-porous nature, Silestone does not require polishing to maintain its shimmer, which is unlike, that natural stones such as Limestone, Marble and Granite that require sealing before installation, and regular resealing to maintain its shining and to prevent stains. Silestone can easily be cleaned with soapy water or any other common, but mild household cleaner as strong chemicals can destroy any surface.

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