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All You Should Know About Okite



Okite is a non-porous material made up of 93% quartz and 7% binders. It is made in Italy and is the newest in the line of quartz worktops. It is a high performance and low absorbing manufactured product, which is easy to clean and also maintain. It retains some natural characteristics of a natural stone product while improving on others. It will normally not absorb odours, liquids not even the most common greases.

It has more than 90 colours and seven collections, more than any other quartz product, depending on your area of application such as residential, hospitality, commercial and institutional; it is the product of choice. It brings the beauty and the elegance of Italian style to your next project with its line of quartz surfacing. It is one of the most attractive minerals and highly stains, heat and scratch resistant. It adds glamour to kitchens, bathrooms, dining areas, hospitality and other commercial projects.

Okite is more durable and five times stronger than granite, rendering it remarkably tougher to scratch. It gives a higher level of resistance against coffee, oil, wine and soft drinks. It is certified as a safe product that can be used in food preparatory areas. The surface that is non- porous resists staining and also prevents the absorption of food or moisture that can harbour very harmful bacteria. There is no need to use it with protective chemicals in food preparation areas and home kitchens.

It has found successful application in many commercial and residential projects such as Dana Farber Cancer Institute in Boston, City Centre in Las Vegas, Wyoming Football stadium, Gensler Offices in Houston to mention but a few, it also has over 1 million residential installations worldwide. It is very adaptable and has found great use in many interior design projects. It can literally be used to achieve any design and the limit is actually the users' creativity.

It comes in slabs form and can be easily cut with ease to form very sharp straight lines or moulded into the most sensual curves. Its colour combinations can be used to create arresting effects in all applicable environments such as hospitality, residential, healthcare and commercial. It is commonly used as writing desks, kitchen worktops, bathroom vanity tops, table tops, shower walls, partition wall, wall cladding and nurse station.

Life every day is never as predictable as one would like it to be, your clean surface would eventually get dirty. You will have occasional spillage and some hard objects are bound to be scraped or dropped on your surface. Okite being made of Quartz, which is the fourth hardest mineral in the world, would withstand these challenges.

Okite delivers an unmistakable Italian blend that is obvious at first look. Exquisitely crafted and beautifully finished to give your home a stunning appeal. So choosing Okite as your surface material would never turn out a bad choice, it is simply one of the best materials that can deliver your desire for beauty, durability and elegant finishing for your home.

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