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All You Should Know About Cimstone



If you want a blend between your kitchen worktop and flooring, then Cimstone is your choice. It is not used merely as a kitchen worktop, but also as a surfacing material for exterior and interior, staircase tiling, cladding, skirting, windows sills and flooring. In fact, what it can be used for depends in your creative ability. Having reshaped Quartz mineral, a gift of nature with the cutting-edge technology of our time, Cimstone is meeting the changing worktops expectations in modern kitchens and bathroom designs with a slab design of 305x140 cm.

It comes in different colours  granite and texture alternatives that can be used to create unique designs in bathrooms and kitchens. It is also used successfully in decorative designs such as tables. It is made of 93% quartz and 7% polyester resin binder which makes it extremely durable and resistant. It is fantastic looking and offers great value for money. It is a very obvious choice for anyone wanting their new kitchen to stay pristine.

Cimstone countertops are a good alternative to Granite and it is generally less expensive. It is also a purely Quartz based surface and provides a better pattern and colour consistency than Granite. While Granite is 100% natural makeup, Cimstone is artificial and can be formed into a wide range of colours. So no matter the need of the client, whether they are replacing the already existing kitchen surfaces or buying a brand new one, they are sure to find a specific pattern or colour they are looking for in Cimstone Quartz surfaces.

Cimstone worktops have a high abrasion and scratch resistance surface because of its 93% quartz content in contrast to other natural mineral stones which usually have micro porous structures. It is almost impenetrable which makes it a very hygienic surface for use in food preparation. It is very tough and resistant to stains and can stand up against red wine, detergent and vinegar, thereby making it easy to clean.

In spite of its toughness, it is still not totally indestructible. Highly acidic or alkaline detergents may eventually wear down Cimstone causing its surface to dim, just as other surfaces. For this cause, always avoid using such products, except occasionally on tough stains and care must be taken to ensure they are well rinsed off the surface as quickly as possible. When properly cared for, they will enhance and grace the look of a kitchen for years to come.

Cimstone kitchen worktops have a very striking beauty, it offers near perfection in looks as a result of the range of vibrant colours present with a flawless finish. This choice of colours ranges from deep red and blue to neutral plus natural shades of black and brown. So there is just something to meet everyone's taste. This high gloss of the Cimstone range has made it a truly amazing and luxurious choice for most modern kitchen worktops. It is easy to add a perfect finishing touch to your new kitchen worktop by simply choosing from the range of customised edges to meet your taste. 

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